So, FedEx dropped off a few gifts today, finally. The fit and finish on Logitechs dd is absurd. Especially the pedals. I cannot wait to mount this on my rig, sometime tonight or either this weekend

  1. Really love the understated look of the entire set. This is the only high end wheel that does not feel like either a toy or an industrial machine.

  2. It looks wonderful, and Logitech makes quality stuff. They should have knocked out off with that heinous pro branding tho. If that's the only complaint though, who cares.

  3. It's a great premium choice for console racers, but in the sea of PC choices, it gets lost in the mix.

  4. Also if in a couple of years a new console comes out and it's the opposite to the base you have you can't just buy a wheel for that console and the base will work you would have to buy a whole new base which is madness when a lot of console players would of been interested why I have no idea but they would

  5. Being stuck in an ecosystem ? I m sorry what do u mean ? Everything is usb i think sou can pretty much interxhange the pedals and wheel with other stuff i think no ? Or use a diffrerent non logitech shifter or whatever ?

  6. Fellow Canadian here, I went with Moza for my first DD. I got the R9 base, table clamp, CS wheel, and SR-P pedals with the clutch and was charged less than $25 in duties, bringing my amount spent to just under $1,500 CAD all in.

  7. Could you take a picture of the base where are the holes? I'm trying to understand if it's compatible with my seat, it's the Playseat Challenge. I'm sure it is, but I'm just trying to be 100% sure. Great buy! 👌

  8. For sure. Unfortunately there aren’t many settings out yet so I’ll have to take a lot of time to get my settings dialed in.

  9. Awesome, thanks for such thorough pics and your thoughts. Interesting that it sounds like the feel of the product is better than the initial looks.

  10. The Boosted Media review blew me away as far as Will's comments on the build quality. He actually commented that its nicer to him than the CSL DD/Moza R9.

  11. I ended up getting good CS from them through their subreddit oddly enough, they replaced my G920 in a few weeks. I haven't had to contact CS for my CSL Elite though, I hope I don't have to.

  12. Not my experience. My first wheel a g920 took them 4 months to fix then got it back same fault in 2 weeks took another 3 months then refunded me without asking me

  13. Hopefully this wheel is built like the g27 and not their current gaming products or you are going to need that customer service from logitech.

  14. Is it really that bad though - with quality load cell pedals and a solid DD base it’s not egregious?

  15. Curious as to what you think of those pedals vs the T-LCM’s. In my mind they look like pretty similar offerings. I used to have T-LCM’s but have since upgraded to simagic P2000’s

  16. I hope to have a much better idea in the coming days. I literally just started getting used to my TLCM’s too. But just using my hand to test the Logitech brake, I know for sure I’m probably going to make adjustments just so it’s a tad stiffer, just a little. Once they’re mounted though, I’ll have a much better idea. I’d be rather interested to know if you notice a big difference between the P2000’s and TLCM’s.

  17. I reckon it looks pretty nice! I'm in the camp where I think it's actually priced pretty fairly? It's priced right with the GT Pro(in Aus) and you're getting approximately 30% more top end, that's significant.

  18. Man I wish I had the spare cash to drop on one of these. Is there any word on whether they will be releasing different style wheels to change out?

  19. Honestly, I would be surprised if they didn't. What is the point of a quick release if they don't expect you to switch wheels?

  20. You must be a family man. Single me wouldn’t be able to wait until “sometime tonight or either this weekend” to get that bad boy on my rig…but married with two kids me would hope to find some time within the next week to mount and properly test it 😉 Congrats on the new gear! It all looks awesome!

  21. It's hard to say, some markets it's probably the only option for a DD wheel. Lots of simracers in Brazil, can they get Fanatec stuff?

  22. Both desk and rig use were part of the consideration. Most decent rigs have angle adjustment of the wheel deck, so you can still get it low enough and angled correctly so the wheel is pointing at your shoulders.

  23. So in the UK the base and wheel alone is £1000 😳🤣🤣 say you get a simucube 2 sport then a cheap 200 wheel it's still better than this most will buy a new wheel once they release one making that wheel rim obsolete (not all but most will) so add that price to the £1000 for the base and say they charge £300 for a wheel that's £1300 when Simucube 2 sport would be miles better.

  24. My first impression of these is, there sure seems to be an awful lotta plastic for something so expensive. For $50 more, you could buy the V3s, which are really solid and have far less plastic.

  25. Seeing this really makes me want to upgrade my G920 and it looks like you can adjust the strength of the brake pedal which is awesome, that’s something I don’t like about mine, how heavy the brake pedal is.

  26. The pedals look very nice, but I wonder how good they are. How do they compare to lets say the T-LCM Pedals, the CSL Pedals with Loadcell kit, the CSL Elite V2's etc.

  27. Nice!! So glad to finally see this in person. I took part in some market research from Logitech about a six months ago when I found they were coming out with this! The guy actually posted here about needing people.

  28. I am about 95% certain on PC you can, but on console they currently do not work together. However Logitech has said they are going g to release an adapter early next year that will allow the g pro pedals to work with older g-series wheels.

  29. I paid for it to be expedited since it was only a few dollars extra. So I ordered on Thursday the week it was released and it was here on Tuesday.

  30. Too bad Logitech G subreddit is filled with people that hate the software you're probably required to use with that setup

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