Leaked Silent Hill 2 remake information states it will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive for 12 months

  1. the screenshot is a pre-development screenshot made by bloober as a proof of concept to what a silent hill 2 remake could kind of look like as a pitch to konami. This is 100% not how the final product will look

  2. Better be on PS4, too. Scalpers are still holding the PS5 hostage, while the consoles are still out of stock. At least 116 million PS4s have been sold, while approximately 20 million PS5s have been sold. RE4 Remake has decided to come to PS4. Lets see what happens with this, if it is real.

  3. I think that time has passed. I'm ok with any games starting mid 2023 requiring a PS5. By then anyone should be able to find one. Time to stop holding the quality back as well.

  4. I got super lucky and was able to snag one from the PS store a couple months ago. Had to enter my info and be "picked for a chance to purchase a PS5" lol. I'm just haooy I was able to actually pay normal retail price.

  5. PS5’s are starting to be sold in stores now. Even my Walmart had some people could walk in and buy. Still sold out within a day, but it’s getting easier and easier to buy one by the day.

  6. Over the shoulder camera?? I’m out already. One of the KEY things about Silent Hill were the unsettling use of camera positions and pans/tracking which gave it a really unique cinematic feel. It was so good they even copied it for the film FFS! This is the first sign it’s a generic, by the numbers cash grab for me. Just up-res the original and release it on PS5 and I’ll stick with that

  7. I disagree, keeping everything the same is pointless. Modernizing it will let way way more people enjoy the story and world. They can still make it creepy and atmospheric with a different camera. If they just release the original game again then most people won't like it and it'll be a lot of work for nothing

  8. Im sorry but to me that just doesnt sound that exciting, I'd rather just have a remaster than a remake that has no changes. I mean, look at how fucking cinematic The Last of Us is, and that was over-the shoulder. Have some hope. And like.. the camera started to be less and less cinematic by 2 anyway. There's only a handful of shots in that game that actually use the cinematography in interesting ways.

  9. I'm with you on this one, the combination of fixed camera and dynamic ones created a really good atmosphere in the original ones.

  10. I heard official news from pyramid himself.. He said, in a great wise mumble (he's pretty old especially now) "The announcement, in any form, will only bring chaos"

  11. Really hope this isn’t true. The camera angles were such an important part of the game. I don’t see how many of the most impactful gameplay scenes wouldn’t be diminished with an over the shoulder view.

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