1. it's not ? . . .I mean . . it is a cake of mycelium and it could be his/her birthday . . . we don't know

  2. I have asked my self this very question but I'm 100% sure I never but I know my missus disapproves of my new hobby so I'm wondering if she has, out of curiosity would they be safe to eat if they is what's happened?

  3. I have DARK black marks on the inside bottom of my monotub THE SAME SHADE AS THIS from mushrooms sporulating over the side of the substrate. It's definitely spores, don't be so ominous. Dude let a fat mushroom buddy sporulate in the middle of his substrate 😂😂😂

  4. Did you put it in the fridge or some other cold place. I've seen this before when I accidentally froze my shrooms (don't ask...)

  5. Man, that sucks. I've wrecked a few tubs by spraying with the wrong bottle. I started labeling bottles after the first time and then keeping the bottles in seperate rooms after the third. Vinegar and bleach had a strong smell but Rubbing alcohol was super faint. Is there any way she could have been trying to help? I do 10-12 tubs at a time and mist religiously at set times. I love checking on them but think I go into auto pilot when I mist.

  6. I see many people here saying they accident sprayed it with alcohol on bleach. As a noob, can I ask why this would happen?

  7. Alcohol and bleach are heavy chemicals and both kill fungus. Since mycelium is fungus if u spray it with either of those ur killing it so it triggers the bruising

  8. Wrong spray bottle maybe, with iso I usually just dump the iso on a paper towel clean the tub before anything goes in there but Iv seen people put iso in a spray bottle too so they can just spray and wipe. But I always have a spray bottle with water to mist my tubs in between flushes if they start to look a little dry. This is an extremely uncommon problem, op probs just made a mistake in guessing.

  9. Because alc or bleach will kill the little guys . Any kind of disinfectant, alc. , bleach , misting with water directly ext. Will make them abort . Imo if you live in a dry area and must use something to keep humidity up either a fog/humidifier or Martha tent is the best option. Never ever ever use a sqirt bottle .

  10. Not necessarily sabotage; Any strong cleaner spayed In the room can cause this . I have seen and read similar things happening. Even when they are in covered tube . It seems like it would either be that or from over misting . I read that you never spayed directly, but imo , never mist . It doest take alot to make them abort . If you wana get into the hobby , best advice is grow bulk . It is so Mush easier, more bang for the buck .but if you do this tek ,use a closed container with fae , and wet pearlite covering bottom Cake on foil. That is enough RH you never need to mist One or two tubes of bulk will last one person 6 months or longer. Depending on how you use this medicine.

  11. You sure those are spores? Take a qtip and see if anything rubs off. That looks like you accidentally sprayed with iso or dropped something on it to me. I see no open caps, at all

  12. I'm thinking this is what's happened, ffs get all the way to the finish line for it to go tits up, will these still be safe to consume

  13. I’ve made this mistake before man. You sprayed it with iso on accident, must of confused your spray bottles. It happens

  14. Can I ask what you did with the shrooms you sprayed? I have mine just now in the dehydrator, I have been finding old forums from years ago where people done the same thing and consumed them and everything worked out all fine, I'm hoping due to being dehydrated any trace of iso will have been evaporated and made it safe to consume and at the very worst just lost some of its potency.

  15. I started microdosing 100mg shrooms then went to one teaspoon Amanita Muscaria 100% Muscimol extract. I no longer take SSRI's after a 20-year dependency.

  16. I think it is fine to criticize someone's View. But calling them names crosses the line to personal harassment. Let's all get along guys.

  17. I'm sure it will be an alien invasion once he eats them ... I wouldn't even dry them . I would just eat them . Raw . aborts are potent.

  18. Looks to be like some sort of mould(mold) growing on the top OP, could u send/post better pics of the bigger mushroom that’s still sort of white up top? Looks to have blue fuzzies growing around the base of it

  19. Did you spray the cake directly? I had one mushroom go black and mushy because it was touching the back wall and I didn't see it so it got sprayed.

  20. I had a similiar issue when i had contam .. i accidently sprayed hydro perox solut. And it looks just like this

  21. Eat one of the good ones while you look your wife in the eye and say your god made these for me to eat in front of you

  22. This.. looks a lot like mycelium murder. Either you accidentally sprayed em with an alcohol spray bottle, or someone you know against mushrooms put the ass.. no, both of the ass's in assassin. If you have any suspicions talk with the suspect about it like, "well the only two thing it could be is spores or chemicals, and I know it isn't chemicals so thankfully they're still safe.. it would of really sucked to have to throw em out because they'd become deadly. I'll have to eat em right away before they go bad though".

  23. One time this happen to me when I left the cake in with too much free air exchange, but I also had a humidifier that kept it moist all day. I believe it could be one of those circumstances that made mine bruise and perhaps yours too.

  24. If you're worried about people in the house messing with your grow, you can always try one completely inside a sealed grow bag. To sabotage that you'd need to puncture with a syringe and the holes would be noticable.

  25. I was going to say contam but it looks like someone poured bleach or some mildly corrosive substance which is why the mushrooms turned black due to shock.

  26. Your spray water either has some alcohol or bleach in it. You could just be praying the shit out of it too close too.

  27. I'm reaching out to all you very knowledgeable peeps here. Please help me if you can. I just need help identifying wtaf mush I have growing. I innoculated a all in one (never will try this tek again) in 3 bags, all with GT, early August. No growth in one bag, the other 2 had contam. I waited and waited and nothing in bag 3. I total noob innoculated said bag with melmac revert early September, colonized well I was shocked Have been in fruiting conditions for a little over 2 weeks. I have no idea which mush grew! Help lmao 🤣 there are a couple of caps that really grew just overnight. I just don't know if I should harvest a couple at a time before their veils break? Or wait until a lot are ready?? I made it this far I don't want to mess anything up. Next grows are going to be new tek. Ty in advance for anyone who read this and heads to my profile to see my pic from today. Mush love ❤️

  28. Zooming in they actually look like extreme blue bruising, not black mold. Anything recent that could’ve caused extreme stress / oxidation?

  29. It definetly was a very dark shade of blue with an appearance of black, definetly not blue, came to the conclusion its had a run in with iso somehow as there was a chemical type smell coming from it.

  30. Humidity could of gotten fucked up definitely not spores they mushrooms are totally bruised and dying. That or it was sprayed by something bad or kept at too high of temperatures

  31. It looks like something I’d throw in the trash unless, it’s white mycelium or blue bruising and that’s too dark to be spores and pretty sure black mold is one of the worst ones to breathe in.

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