Does anyone else go nuts because you like growing more than eating and end up with more mushrooms than you know what to do with lol..

  1. This may sound really stupid but sometimes I get thankful for the internet. It takes almost no imagination for me, the vast majority of things I've ever looked at have been on the internet and because of legalities, I think without it, I'd miss out on quite a lot of amazing things. Beautiful work and I hope you do keep growing and you have to many mushrooms. lol Amazing work. Life is good sometimes, if you let it be.

  2. Stop being scared about being stupid. We all will be here and there. Say what it is and if others think its stupid or know that its stupid, the smarter ones will usually break down why its retarded instead of just calling you names.

  3. First off that is awesome 👏🏼 Second- yes, I always end up with more than I need. I’m too scared to sell because I like my life outside of prison and I only know a few people to share with. Since 2013, my first dabble into this I can’t even estimate the numbers but way more than I could need for sure. Got so overwhelmed with my quantities that I’ve done stupid experiments with them trying to extract and tossed quite a bit because I got tired of it filling up my freezer.

  4. You could grow some culinary mushrooms and eat them. It's all the same process, and they are pretty good for you, pretty tasty and very expensive to buy in a store. I like oyster mushrooms, though I'm trying to grow some lions mane and green if the woods right now.

  5. I'm doing both, but I tell ya cubes are much more interesting to breed. They're like dogs. Dogs are all canines but have been bred for specific traits for the past hundred years or so that you have a bunch of different breeds. Cubes are like that too, they've been purposely bred and hybridized and specialized for decades to make some really interesting stuff. The same can't really be said for the gourmets, at least not as far as I've seen. I'll be picking up some chestnut culture soon, maybe I'll develop some "chestnut super squats" or something lol. But really, I got into this because I wanted to grow my own medicine to replace the SSRIs that weren't really working for me, and discovered a whole damn fascinating hobby. You can breed and iterate genetics on a timeline that is kind of remarkable. Too bad we can't grow these in schools, it would honestly be an excellent educational tool.

  6. I keep growing them and I have no idea why. I've literally got a pound sitting around and three tanks going because the hobby is just as rewarding as the trip if not more so. I get a kick out of letting things live around me. Whether it's house plants or mushrooms or animals, it feels good to know you can take care of something's living conditions and allow it to thrive in your care. And I'm also fascinated by all things biology. There's also this weird factor of being a perfectionist and your success in this hobby being directly proportional to the effort and attention applied, IE the more you pay attention and better you follow directions the better your results are. This is just a win-win for me across the board. So yeah, I totally feel you.

  7. grow some gourmet mushrooms. youll have an easier time eating large quantities and can share with your friends without being sketched out.

  8. Me! But my cheesy ass thinks "I work for the mushroom, my mission is to share, help people to heal and find their spirituality" then I gift phat oz's to any random who tells me they have an interest in trying it. I tell em to share with their friends. Maybe you have also been chosen to work for the mushroom lmao

  9. That is definitely one way to look at it. I've been doing my research for my first grow for months now. Semi afraid to make the jump lol. Idek what I'm going to do with some of the harvests I've seen.

  10. I always have friends come over to see my grows and they ask if I eat mushrooms everyday because I have so much. My answer is, rarely. Maybe just once a month but I find more pleasure in the process and watching them grow rather than devouring them to just get high. I’ve turned many of my friends on to starting their own grows and finding that same love for growing.

  11. Those are works of art. Gorgeous. If you enjoy growing more than eating, who cares? You found something you enjoy, enjoy it.

  12. I’ve been taking shrooms about once a month for the past 2 years, I would like to get into growing if any of you guys have tips or tricks please pm me 😁

  13. If any of you are overstocked, i have the perfect solution! Send them my way, I’ll dispose of them properly!

  14. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to donate any excess yield to some non-profit that distributes the magic to low-income folks? I heard someone suggest this at a speakers forum at Burning Man where Paul Stamets was giving a talk. Mushrooms for the People!

  15. This is the only reason I still grow! I don’t even take the medicine anymore, I just love the craft (and eating oysters and whatnot).

  16. I've never done mushrooms, but am a fanatical gardener and also a lab rat by trade, and desperately want to try growing them!! Those 🍄 really look amazing btw! I would die of pride if I could pull off growing something like that

  17. Does it talk? Looks like an actual alien 👽 lol What an amazing variety’s exist that I’m only just learning about. Great job 👏💖

  18. I’ve got a friend who does. He ends up hosting trips with friends or giving so much away just so he has an excuse to grow more.

  19. I got into this 18 months ago for my wife ,she onlymicro doses but I can’t stop growing them , )I did one 3.5 gram APE trip 3 moths ago) I have so many it’s unbelievable, I have two totes of apes ready to be picked now

  20. I never get gifted anything and have the shittiest luck. Just lost my dad to cancer and then my 10 ub of white rabbit had contam in it. So 10 bags of garbage. Trying to save it to agar but idk. Let's see how many plates it needs and idk if it myc or just all contam.

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