Movies on shrooms! What should I watch?

  1. YES and Baraka. However...I started out loving it, but it does get dark towards the middle of both films, stops being about beauty and more about war and fucking the earth up.

  2. I just saw Roger waters live a couple of weeks ago. Took half a tab of acid, was like watching the wall but in person. It was freaking amazing. One of my most favorite, mind-blowing experiences ever.

  3. Oh my lanta, that shit is soooooo fascinating while you’re on a trip. It’s like you can feel your pupils dilating and watching a big pack of birds take off?? EPIC!

  4. How to Talk to Girls at Parties 2017 This one is definitively a mind fuck due to the trippy visuals and just weird scenarios, could be scary on shrooms.

  5. My fave when tripping its got so much going on the visuals and of course the choice ITS ALL IN THE MIND.

  6. I liked Glass and house of 1000 corpses in the mush space. They’re both based on true stories and knowing that brings another trippy layer to the whole thing

  7. Ooooooh Color Out of Space is a good one for sure. You're fine everyone's different. I know people who still think rick and morty is good, sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it...

  8. I always go for comedies; Step Brothers, The Other Guys, Role Models, 40 Year Old Virgin, Cheech and Chong Up In Smoke

  9. Kill Bill or anything Quentin Tarantino directs. Visually most of his films are stunning. The Kill Bill films are almost made for acid or shrooms though, he knew what he was doing. Genius director with killer soundtrack striking visuals and quite a bit of humour.

  10. Fear and loathing in Las Vegas. I have watched a few movies while tripping and none match the vibe and pace of a psychedelic experience quite like that movie does.

  11. I went through a phase where me and a bunch of mates set a night to watch crazy movies like fear and loathing and in the end we found it boring because the coffee table on front of us was doing more than a movie ever could haha.

  12. Man I can never pay attention to movies on mushrooms, the movie in my head is always thrice as interesting. Though lucy is different lol. Movies on lucy for me...

  13. I LOVE horror movies when I’m tripping. I would NOT recommend unless you are into the genre. I spend the whole time laughing my ass off because of how fake I know it is. It’s strange. Not for everyone.

  14. Recently tried watching Jeepers creepers on 6gs of a mix between GT and PE. Would not recommend lmfao. I started off talking shit "why would y'all turn around to see what was down the tube, in the middle of nowhere"

  15. I saw Leon: The Professional while tripping and it became one of my favorite movies. Just the story itself is crazy. When Leon started breaking down the wall I was like wtf is he doing and why does it look all mechanical/futuristic? I guess a lot of action sequences are pretty crazy while tripping

  16. First time I took a large dose I watch 2001:A Space Odyssey. I spent more time watching the posters talk to me and the furniture crawl around the ground than I did the movie but the sound track is phenomenal

  17. Watched Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and it was amazing, all the visual effects make for a great trip but its already one of my favorite movies so I may be biased 😅

  18. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas… But, beware, when Dr. Gonzo says “you took too much man, you took too much too much”. It sent me into the craziest, longest, most terrifying loop I’ve ever encountered while tripping. To be fair, it was a 10g trip.

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