This is now “double stuffed”

  1. You just got scamazed, I loved Doritos now I’m mad at the whole snack section, it’s whole foods from now and I don’t mean Amazon, can’t trust any company, I’ll be healthier anyways.

  2. I noticed the same thing. I think the original oreo ratio was 1:1:1 for cookie, stuff, cookie, so double would be 1:2:1. Now it seems like they shrunk the original to 1:.5:1 so "double" is just back to the original ratio.

  3. So are Oreo thins just gonna be a pack of wafers? GRAB YOUR PITCHFORKS PEOPLE!! They can gauge our gas but don’t you touch our Oreos!

  4. I just ended up buying the store brand. Half the price and twice the product. All that saving even made them taste better.

  5. Ive noticed this too. Even with chips, or poptarts or anything. The white label store brand is now better quality than the name brand stuff.

  6. I ate honey bunches of oats cereal for years and I noticed they were putting in less and less bunches. Then they started selling bunches in a separate box and called it “just bunches”. The just bunches box wasn’t even as large as a normal sized box of cereal. It was a mini box with just the bunches and it was overpriced.

  7. I refuse to believe this. I have to. If this is true, I will be so irrationally upset. Surely they wouldn’t be able to get away with a stunt like this, right?

  8. Half the stuff = 50% saving in stuffing per cookie = double the amount of cookies = twice as many sales = profits ⤴️ = happy balance sheets = Positive SEC filings = confident shareholders

  9. Sure AF is. Double Stuf is just old regular Oreos and the “Mega Stuf” is just the old Double Stuf” Not to mention the fact that the cookie size itself is smaller. What bullshit.

  10. I wish. I like to stick a fork in the middle and dunk them. Could barely fit the fork inside. SMH.

  11. Holy shit, seriously. I stopped buying store stuff and just making my own desserts now. Nothing tastes right to me lately anyway. The chocolate tastes runny and waxy, stuff is smaller and just bad. Snacks in general have gone to shit

  12. I’m doing the same now. I’m certain that they’ve been substituting ingredients with way worse ones because I’m also noticing that the products don’t taste as well.

  13. Keep in mind that it’s “Double Stuf” with one ‘f’. I’m sure it’s some kind of loop hole marketing junk. A couple months ago I was TAing HS physics kids and they had to determine how much more “stuf” was in the “double stuf” vs the original package.

  14. I just got some Mint Milanos recently and noticed they were thin AF. I call them Thin Mint Milanos. You can’t even taste the chocolate or mint. They used to be so good. Never again.

  15. Stop eating and buying all this highly manufactured food. Back to natural basics to avoid being scammed and fucked up.

  16. So in America there's like 6 different bag sizes. There's the mini bags. The cups. The regular. The family size and the party size.

  17. Fuck this. I’ve been saying it for years. Stop shrinking my ice cream/chips/cereal/cookies, etc. just charge the higher price. I want the same amount in the package, not the same price for less.

  18. This has to be a mixup. I intentionally buy regular oreos every month and this is what they look like. I got Double Stuf by accident recently and they looked nothing like this

  19. Not a mix up. My Double Stuf I just bought look like this as well. My immediate thought was this had to be a manufacturing error, but based on other comments and the timeframes, looks like shrinkflation at work again.

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