In Stranger Things 4 Episode 6, a construction worker tells his supervisor he is "taking 5" ie going to the toilet, taking off his belt which allows Eddie Munson to steal his radio. This is in reference to the 80's when you were allowed to take a shit during work hours without being fired at Amazon.

  1. I reckon Amazon, like Uber and Tesla, have bet heavily on automation making 90% of their current workforce redundant in the next ten years. They don’t let you take a shit because their business model assumed there’d be a T-800 boxing up your Doc Johnson Code Black Man O’ War instead of some poor schmuck in his 70s whose pension got wiped out in the big crash, and fuck you if you’re in the way of the model.

  2. Ah, thanks for reminding me! That’s the scene that opens with a close up of a nail sticking out of a board, and the construction actor walks by and taps the nail twice, leaving it still uselessly sticking out of the board, and just sets the hammer on the ground and walks off. That scene cracked me up, and I wanted to show it to the guys on my construction site, but couldn’t recall what show it’s from.

  3. This is also a reference that the action of the series takes place in a parallel reality. You can see it when worker sais he's taking a 5 when talking about taking shit, in our reality taking shit is taking 2

  4. I'm going to be honest I don't blame Amazon for doing what they have to do. Does it suck for some absolutely but because of the abuse of others using the restroom as a way to collect money then rules were set in place. Honestly I think hourly pay needs to go away and people should get paid for completing a task

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