the sandwich my friend made during lunch

  1. This is the second picture of food that has what looks like sermon on it that I have seen today! Is this a trend or something

  2. This was not made for Shitty food porn. It was made because my friend likes to create food abominations and i decided to document this one

  3. The ingredients: bread, chicken, beef, ketchup, bbq sauce, fries, fruit punch slushie, pineapple, cheese, and chocy milk to top it off

  4. Did you witness him ‚make‘ it? And is it for you? If yes, it might be more than a friendship and I’m hoping to see you two get married on Reddit soon!

  5. When I was in high school I had a kid that would make a “special sauce” he ate it with his fries, chicken sandwiches, or anything that needed a condiment. The special sauce consisted of all of the condiments we had available in the dispensers mixed together. This reminded me of that. That sauce was so disgusting.

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