How are people this dumb??

  1. I was gonna say the same thing lol, it's amazing how many people don't know where we got the starts for alot of modern medicine practices.

  2. The actual inventor of the Volkswagen Käfer was Josef Ganz, who in fact presented his idea to the german citizens via the Nazis in 1938.

  3. Fun fact: Fanta made by Germany in the 40ies is quite different to the Fanta we have these days. It was mostly made from dairy leftovers and is know today as "Rivella". Fanta as we know it was invented in Italy in the 50ies.

  4. "That was on ww2" mfs when i show them every old thing they have ( it was invented before and was used on ww2 so its clearly nazi )

  5. There is some nuance here though. The nazi regime is no longer (officially ?) operating so you're not actually supporting it financially by buying their products.

  6. Well, VW also worked with the Brazilian dictatorship after WW2 and currently employs Uyghurs in Chinese concentration camps. It doesn't seem to be just a WW2 thing.

  7. If you are gonna virtue signal about not drinking pepsi because you think the founder was evil, then yeah it would be pretty stupid to drink fanta.

  8. Porsche made tanks for the Nazis. ThyssenKrupp, a brand that makes most of the escalators you use, made weapons for the Nazis. Rheinmetall, a defense contractor that literally makes the gun that goes in the M1 Abrams made weapons for the nazis

  9. Airbus, which is a mix of European Companies, owns Messerschmitt, Blohm und Voss, and Fokker, which all at one point build Planes for the German Empire (Fokker) and Nazi Germany (Messerschmitt, Blohm und Voss (altough Blohm Und Voss also Build Battleships etc for the Nazis))

  10. People forget that the reason the internet exists, is due to WW2. Yeah, the nazi's were fucked up, but they're the reason behind some great technological advacements.

  11. Yeah, they were so focused on winning, that they forgot that attacking Russia in the winter might be a bad idea. Like he could've won, but Hitler was luckily too impatient.

  12. Does what the Hodge Twins said even have any relevance anymore? It's not like they're still being ran by Nazis.

  13. That is not the comeback he thinks he is. Might as well just start shitting on dog owners because Hitler loved dogs.

  14. I mean…what does it’s founder have to do with anything? They aren’t run by Nazis now so it’s kind of irrelevant.

  15. Founded, true. But it ain’t nazi anymore. That’s not how any of this works! Musk is actually leaning more and more right wing right now…

  16. Yeah they just try to fool you into thinking they are meeting emissions targets. Or are we gonna conveniently forget about that scandal?

  17. Jokes aside, Elon Musk has no fucking idea how that shit works and he makes the worst possible decisions at any given moment.

  18. Jokes aside, how do you make the worst possible decisions at any given moment and end up the richest person on the planet?

  19. Adolf Hitler created Volkswagen as the "people's car" Volkswagen means "people's car" because besides the whole "I hate Jews" thing, Hitler had a decent reign. (Doesn't excuse genocide)

  20. I try to sometimes defend America from all my friends from clowning it despite not even being American but holy shit you are making it so hard with this dumbass shit bruh.

  21. Lmfao I checked her twitter and she has since posted basically “well being run by nazis 100 years ago is better than being run by nazis today “ 🤡

  22. Just the fact that this numbnut, this girl, does not realize the damage from purchasing a Tesla...Is troublesome to start with.. a true luciferian puppet.. For educational purposes only.

  23. If you have nothing good to say about your product this is a plan. Remember Iacocca and the K models. Yes I know this cars are shit but be a patriot and buy them

  24. Who a company was founded by a hundred years ago isn’t the same as how a company is currently affecting the world. Duh

  25. It just is mind boggling to me how easily we throw around words like “hate” and “white supremacy” these days to validate any situation.

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