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  1. There might be solutions like choosing clothes that de-emphasizes what you don't like about your hips.might be worth it to research a bit.

  2. Modesty and pain management. My twigs and berries would hang out, and they already hang low For all you younguns remember they droop. First time you sit on them you'll remember. If I let them hang like that I'd be sitting on them all day! One time is all it takes. You may not believe me now but give it time. You will

  3. If ur skin aint soft you can wear tights and it mostly covers that up, also good hips only matters for certain things, not every article of female clothing requires them to look good, you just gotta think out of the box

  4. true, i have trouble finding men's shirts that fit my shoulders let alone these and thigh highs would only reach the knee

  5. bro, my daughter wants me to wear princess dresses with fairy wings and a tiara and I’m starting to enjoy it wtf

  6. Man + Not depressed + taekwondo + fitness + common sense + god + moral + ethics + not American + laws of physics/chemistry/biology

  7. My comfortable masculinity and heterosexuality as instilled in me by my healthy endocrine system (I produce testosterone)

  8. I don’t have the wardrobe planning skills for that, I literally just throw on one of my 50 different T-shirts and jeans

  9. I’m to fat. Also, I’d crossdress for like Halloween or some costume event. Just don’t have the body confidence.

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