1. My first result was an asian movie with school girls on a bus. One girl that is seemingly getting bullied bends down to pick up her pen that she dropped. All of a sudden the entire top half of the bus is sheared off by some invisible force, along with the heads of every single other person. The girl stands up and you just see all these headless necks spurting blood. Pretty amusing.

  2. Most of the videos there weren't even that bad, just random creppy stuff you find in tik tok, the dog one was the only gory and sad one I found, 4 black dogs were apparently eating the headless brown dog behind a cage while it was still moving, would really like to know the backstory behind that

  3. What kind of surgery videos? The surgery videos I’ve seen are the least bad ones out of all the gore I’ve seen

  4. i don’t understand the point of posting those videos. especially the ones where its like a kids show at first and then jumpscare gore horror shit. its fucking weird and predatory and you can tell the people who make and post those videos are mid twenties fat greasy fucks who are stuck in their 14 year old angst

  5. I remember watching the peppa pig creepy pasta in here it was fun like meatcanyon stile fun why does it gave such a weird name tho

  6. They got the real 1444 on there. How does Youtube let this stuff pass, but will take down something that includes as much of a frame from a Disney movie?

  7. it's kinda insane how a completely unknown, mostly untouched and unregulated part of youtube can be revealed by typing in special characters/emojis

  8. Isn’t it because the YouTube censor and detection things can’t detect the unique symbols so everything can go under the radar

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