Blowout Season

  1. How do y'all get your shibes to like brushing? We have to brush ours like twice a week minimum, and he still isn't the most comfortable with brushing (we either distract him with a peanut butter kong, or just while we're out walking)

  2. My shiba will only let me brush her for a few minutes/seconds at a time. I usually have to catch her in an extra lazy mood so she won't squirm away. Chipping away at the floofs seems to be my best approach rather than all in one sitting. Best of luck fellow furball.

  3. I try to brush mine while we're in the backyard and she's distracted with a stick or something. That way I can just let the fluff blow away with the wind. 😅

  4. Yoshi is sort of the anti-Shiba in a lot of ways. He tries to run away from brushing, but it’s more of a game than anything else. As with all Shibas, you have to earn it from them. Once we catch him though, he just stands there and lets us brush him. Clipping his nails is a whole different ballgame though...

  5. Oh my, what a beautiful shiba! My male looks almost identical down to the white markings on his chest!

  6. Haha...I noticed that after I posted the pic. Brushed him so much we took the cat out of him so he’s all dog now

  7. We use a furminator also. We live in Japan so I wasn’t sure if that was only sold here because they have so many Shiba-specific things at the pet stores.

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