Our shibe doesn't like to go on walks, only to her favorite meadow to sit in the grass

  1. Perhaps our shibas are of the same dynasty. Not a problem with carrying her home, but getting her away - once she realizes the path towards home is shorter than turning around, she is like a different dog, jumping around full of energy.

  2. That sounds pretty tedious lol. I’m getting a shiba soon and I can’t say that’s something I’m looking forward to. How would train a shiba to not do that? Seems like picking it up would just reinforce that.

  3. Your shibe is exactly the same as our shibe, Nala. She hates going outside, even for a pee these days. If we drive to a destination to go for walks, then she goes but doesn't move on our property.

  4. Is it just me or the background is kinda like pokemon go catching background just without the camera on

  5. I love elder Shibas. Our old girl did the same, and I just carried her while kissing the hell out of her when she didn’t want to walk. I miss my old girl!

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