How is it possible for me to just find out about a salethr day after it started while at home browsing the internet?

  1. I don’t understand the logic of the sale, like I just tried to sell a second gallon of cashmere but they didn’t need it. Seems really dumb and I wish they just did 25 off sale instead

  2. The overlords are trying to sell more gallons hence the buy one you get the second same one 50% off. That's the plan anyway 🤷‍♂️

  3. Idk anymore. I’m at a commercial store. When DIY walks in asking about the current sale it’s like asking a Walmart employee what deal they’re running at Target.

  4. This. I don't think they bother informing commercial stores about sales. I haven't gotten one of those packets with the fliers and posters in a year at least. They don't sent the barcodes in the email either anymore.

  5. Gotta read the sw field communications emails. I see so many people on here complaining saying they were never told something and 90% of the time it was something from those emails. We got an email in October that has all of our sales for the rest of the year on it. We also got an email last week with a reminder and description of this sale in it.

  6. I feel like they just don't tell us anymore in general. Hell our first super sale we didnt know about at my store until legit the week before (barely)

  7. So many sales that they are throwin at us we cannot keep up. It loses the importance to the customer cuz there is constantly a sale. Wish we would go back to the basics and just sell paint.

  8. We have even worse ones at Lowe's. You buy one at full price, get the second 50% off on a rebate. And the rebate is paid with a Lowe's merchandise card that can only be spent a Lowe's.

  9. I always print the announcement that show the sales every month and hang it in the office. SW does a terrible job of advertising sales but they always announce it in the email

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