SFF case with handle?

  1. Thanks! I saw the Sliger S620 before but forgot the name and model of it during some of my searching. I didn't know Mechanic Master had two models lines like that either. Gives me a few more options.

  2. I just finished a build in the SGPC k49. Comes with metal panels and clear acrylic panels. Can fit 2 slot 300mm long GPUs. And sfx psus, can also pick it up off Amazon.

  3. I was going to try for something a little smaller but I do want to try to reuse the ATX PSU I have. Plus it looks like it has decent airflow and space for a big CPU. I'm going to take a closer look at though now, thanks!

  4. Sliger cases, but their build quality is very poor… Ordered one of their cases which came with warpes panels, sharp edges and a bad paintjob. I‘d honestly stay away from them

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