New AXP120 from Thermalright is a "Monster" - 12900K 145W CB R23 below 80 degree with 1600rpm

  1. Lol is that a formd t1? Aio->air convert? One thing I remember about thermalright is the need to divide their TDP by two to get an actual number

  2. Yes it is. Did try multiple configuration also with CPU on water (aquanaut nouvolo with DDC). Overall this is the best configuration!

  3. I did formd t1 with L12s, it was able to handle well up to 105W, here the OP posts 80C on 145W which is quite an improvement. Although in my personal experience the only cooler from Thermalright that did not disappoint me was Le Grand Macho RT (hehe). Maybe this new one is really great though.

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