Cooling options for Sliger s610

  1. As a general rule: watercooling outperforms aircooling. But, and it's a big BUT, AiO pumps gonna die at one point, where as aircoolers life forever. The fan might die, but that's a much cheaper replacement than the whole AiO. If you want to watercool, a custom loop is the best option imho. But it requires constant maintaining, like refilling and cleaning.

  2. 240 aio I probably going to preform the best but I think I would put fans everywhere but the side so you could still see in the case. Don't expect stellar temps with any of the small air coolers but with enough airflow through the case you'll probably get by okay with the nhu9s

  3. Aloha Count, I have an S620 It's a little bigger than s610 but is designed for air. If you want decent air option I would suggest going for the larger version.

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