Introducing to you guys Cubeor PC cases

  1. Volume is 34 liters. The reason why Kanto case GPU temps are even better than most ATX cases is because GPU gets directly cooled by front fans in Kanto case . The time/rate it takes for cool air to enter and hot air to exit is fast. Therefore the air does not stack up in corners like in most cases. Plus hot air rises up so there is that benefit, but its minimal compared to active cooling from fans

  2. Its kinda like thé meshilishoush but then a bit bigger with more features and not the displaycable problemss

  3. Absolutely love the concept of the Kanto case. A little big at 34 liters, but it's making great use of that space. Not to mention that it's gorgeous. It'll be high on my list when it comes time to build my next PC in the near-ish future.

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