Thermonuclear ITX melt down: InWin A1+, temps in upper 90s. Lament, no relief.

  1. How long have you been using the g200p for? That thing is a real piece of garbage. I'd recommend replacing it asap. Get something nice like a dark rock pro if your willing to utilize more of the space. Hell, even a 212 evo or arctic freezer 33 would probably see your temps improve drastically.

  2. Been using the G200P since build completion in late December. Interesting that it took about 7 weeks to start manifesting this problem. but it clearly is insufficient for anything that fires up both the CPU and the GPU - even world of tanks proved enough to cause a system meltdown, gnashing of teeth, and lamentation.

  3. let it be known that I understand the cables as managed are hideous. it just wasn't something i really felt like fighting after the initial build, which to be honest, was not easy at all. given how I will likely be removing the motherboard to put in a new heat sink or an AIO, i'll have a chance to do better. that said, there was a limit to how much clearance and bending i could do with the cables - especially those going to the GPU. but know that i feel inadequate, shame, and consternation over the cable aesthetic.

  4. Don't be so hard on yourself; everyone has to start somewhere. I've got an EVGA psu as well and in my experience those cables are super stiff. As long as the cables are secured safely I'd call it a win!

  5. I would recommend to install a rear 120mm aio. I think that's your best bet. Edit: the noctua Nh-u12 is also a good option.

  6. i will look into a rear 120 mm aio and the noctua 12 - i've seen it, just wasn't sure i would need it. obviously i was wrong. of note, after my post i played cyberpunk for a bit but with the glass panel removed. temps never got above 80 for the cpu and the gpu.

  7. What paste are using that sounds more like a bad mount, what is your idle temps? Also have you checked your ram is okay? Even if the cpu is crazy hot it will downclock not really just crash the system outright.

  8. My guess is the same as yours, that cooler isn't up to the task. Try a 120mm AIO on the rear with good thermal paste, push/pull if you can fit it. System isn't sitting on carpet, is it? Use the bottom two fans as intake and rear as exhaust, test the side as both intake/exhaust and see if either works better. Make sure all four are running full speed during gaming/stress testing. Tie cables back as much as you can. Good luck.

  9. Its your cpu cooler. I CANNOT handle a 10600k, its more for like a 10400, if you want a top down cooler, l12s or bs3 will do

  10. It has to be the cpu cooler. A weak, pathetic husk of a cpu cooler! I feel shame. I’m considering an AIO for the sake of not taking up any more air in the case.

  11. i'm looking at these images and it really does look like your rear fan is exhaust. if your side fan is exhaust too, that would be a huge problem. sorry if this is exasperating, but... you're absolutely sure its intake? to be clear, air flows into the fan from the side with the blades, and goes out the back, which is the side where the label is visible.

  12. I never messed with the pre-installed Sirius loop fans that came with the case: rear intake, side exhaust. When I first built, I had the bottom fans set to exhaust as well, thinking they would exhaust the heat from the gpu. I had no issues with my system for about 7 weeks until these issues started. So the bottom fans are now currently flipped to intake, as per the recs I found here and from InWin. I never messed with the 3080 fans and didn’t even think you could do that. So I assume they exhaust, which would, I suppose, conflict with the current configuration.

  13. And you're correct: the rear is not currently set to intake. it is exhaust. so. I am officially shamed. since it is a grave shame i will submit to the removal of a finger, per the yakuza code.

  14. I have this case and could not find a way to fit a 120mm AIO. Even mounting to the bottom of the case wouldn’t work. Idk if it was something I was doing or what but I couldn’t find any way to make it work. In my opinion you’re better off spending money on a better air cooler that will point air to your rear fan.

  15. Thank you for this insight. I was leaning to AIO - all things being equal. But if they aren’t equal, then air cool it is.

  16. Take a look at my cable management (with provided PSU, AMD RX5600XT and CPU fan delivered with the CPU). Try to get it, with extra-length put aside on the right side close to harddisk slots (no photo, sorry) ?

  17. ah, your case! so fresh, so clean! yes, perhaps my choice of the InWin was poor but I am going to brute force rectify this issue! I didn't know when i got the PSU which direction the cables would face - the included PS that is now sitting lifeless and useless in a box was far more optimal, with its cables coming out by the RAM!

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