I don't know whether I should confront my partner about him masturbating

  1. Kinda seems like he doesn't want to have sex with someone who doesn't enjoy it. And you being happy to provide it for him isn't enough if he wants you to enjoy it. So he's choosing to not have sex.

  2. It’s not just your responsibility to fix. I would say communication is the best way. Just tell him how you feel. Like you are telling us here on Reddit. On the other hand you can take initiative in many different ways. But in a way you feel comfortable with. Example if you both spoon on the coach while watching a movie, you could do subtle movements haha. Not the best example, but the only thing I could think

  3. Besides the other sexual and food issues you have with your partner, don't bother confronting him about it. What's the point? Just let him jack off in peace. He's obviously sexually frustrated. Try harder initiating and make him feel desired.

  4. So it’s cool you wouldn’t mind having sex with him , but if you wouldn’t enjoy it… I wouldn’t want to. Somehow it’d feel weird or just wrong because it was only for me when it’s supposed to be a shared experience. Like others have said it could be why he doesn’t intimate anymore. How did he turn you down or do you just suspect? If you don’t normally initiate intimacy then he may have froze or been confused. I see you mention it feels like a rejection or is a rejection , but have you made your intent clear sexually… have you maybe pretended to be asleep and inch closer to where you can be the big spoon and just go for it.

  5. Sex with someone who doesn’t like sex, even under the guise of “I’ll do it for you”, is not appealing and is most likely why he is acting like this.

  6. Next time your in that position, simply just put your hand in his pants and start rubbing. If that doesn't work then he definitely doesn't want to have sex with you.

  7. I don’t see the problem. You don’t enjoy sex and he’s just fine masturbating. Sounds like y’all are about as sexually compatible as it gets. Invite him back in the bed to do it so he’s not jerking off on a cold floor.

  8. As someone who has the same bad habit, it’s likely an anxiety thing ” He doesn’t want to bother you with it as he knows you do not enjoy sex so he is quietly meeting his own needs and keeping the peace. That being said, if you are trying to initiate and your not putting your heart into it he’s going to pick up on that and decline as at that point he knows your doing it out of pity. It’s hard to get around the mentality. The best option is to just dive into the awkwardness head first, dump your feelings on the table that you don’t want him to hide away with it all the time and that you actually do want to help him at-least some nights (if that’s how you actually feel of course, that’s what I’m getting from the post anyway). Maybe something gushy like “I don’t like sex, but I do like you and want to help you”.

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