What should I name my fantasy football team this year?

  1. one year i went 4 running backs with my round 1-4 picks and i went with “feels like an rbs night”

  2. Moops, Spongeworthy, Festivus Miracle, lock stock and barrel, costanza and son, We’re the devils!, puerto rican day parade, H.E Pennypacker, Slippery Pete’s, Del Boca Vista Phase 2, Del Boca Vista Phase 3, Manhands, Brentano’s Bathroom Books, Little Kicks

  3. George Likes the Bananas, Plum!, From Milan to Minsk, Phonies, Empty Calories and Male Curiosity, Vegetable Lasagna, Everyday Balloons, Summer of George, Little Jerry, Muffin Tops

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