Discussion Thread: Valley of the Crawlers, Please Stand By, Corky Gellmania

  1. Yeah, I initially turned this in as Corey FeldMania and was told to revise the names of real people in it, so it's a bit of a rush job in that regard. I am sadly not Corey Feldman, but I did lol at your critique, you are very naturally funny. Very good points, thank you.

  2. Valley of the Crawlers was a really fun read. I really enjoyed the characters and the pace of the whole thing, and it felt like a fun adventure. Reminded of watching Shaun of the Dead a little bit!

  3. Great feedback. Good call on the naming of Man 1, Man 2, etc., and yes, Man 3 was a douche and they couldn't care less about him lol.

  4. First off, yes, the opening scene was set in the past and I had initially done a super saying INYO COUNTY, 1885 but I appear to have omitted it accidentally during revisions, so my apologies for that.

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