The 6th Annual Horror Screenplay Challenge Progress Thread - Week Four

  1. I'm gonna probably miss the deadline but I do want to finish this script. Everyone has been super enthusiastic when I mention it and this past week exploring a world without Star Wars is interesting

  2. Only 15 pages, but I have 95% planned out and the story is short. Hoping to just squeeze by with a little over 70. I'm not sure how long I'll have for rewrites, but it will be nice to have something so short in my repertoire.

  3. Almost no chance of making the deadline. The story just isn’t coming together very well. Determined to continue it, though, even after the deadline.

  4. 51 pages in. I’m afraid it isn’t much of a „horror movie“ more of a character study with some horror elements but I got split personality and I didn’t just wanna make them some cliche horror villain so, yeah. Hope I have enough time to finish it although it definitely won’t be very polished

  5. Draft one done, with the caveat I haven't written dialogue for act three. Need to change act one, rewrites start tomorrow. Good luck to all!

  6. I'm up to 37 pages, gaining steam. Hoping to finish a first draft by this time next week so I'll have that last week to refine and rewrite.

  7. Just finished my third revision - 87 pages. I'm having a few horror fan friends read it over for any last minute tweaks before submission.

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