Next ‘Star Trek’ Movie Officially Removed From Paramount 2023 Release Calendar

  1. How many times are they going to do Fantastic Four? Some dude with all the nepotism in Hollywood is pushing those movies out.

  2. Agreed. I hated when they announced Star Wars episode 7's released date and said they were still looking for writers. WTF, guys.

  3. Just came here to say that they need to just take a deep breath, bite the bullet, and make the movie everyone's been waiting for:

  4. Maybe they actually saw the success and critical reception of Strange New Worlds and finally got it through their skulls that pew pew shootie lasers with a Star Trek screen save applied would hand them increasingly diminishing returns.

  5. At this point if feels like we need a shitty movie about resetting the time line and we can all move forward with the knowledge that JJTrek never happened.

  6. They were never going to do a fourth film. They just promoted in hopes to trick new investors 8nto buying in

  7. Let me quote J.J. Abrahams: “No, that’s totally not Khan, no way that is Khan, Khan has nothing to do with this movie, who even is Khan… look behind you, a three-headed monkey!!!”

  8. Good. I don't want to see any more Jar Jar Trek. It's better to wait until they kick all Bad Reboot from ST's lawn

  9. Bad Robot Production almost guarantees its going to be a shit story. I assume it will involve the space whale probe, in which the crew laces a torpedo with augmented tribble piss and destroy the probe without having to go back in time, because fans are bored with time travel now.

  10. Star Trek has been dead to me for some time now, sadly. The reboot movies were exactly that: rebooting it from the beginning, tapping into nostalgia for the Original Series with a new cast while trying to grab non-fans by adopting the esthetics and style of modern action movies.

  11. They should get Seth Macfarlane to direct. If y’all haven’t seen the Orville it’s the best Star Trek show to come out in a while.

  12. Gandalf's gift of Harry's first light saber before he becomes a Sith Apprentice to Jar Jar Binks and they go off to face Han about his unpaid parking ticket was a real twist.

  13. I honestly don't get why they hired a guy who has said on record he knows nothing about Star Trek and is wholly a Star Wars fanboy.

  14. Why am i like the only person sad about this? I’ve enjoyed the rebooted movies. The second wasn’t great but 1 and 3 were fun and i was all for a fourth.

  15. “…[T]o be replaced by a full length feature film based on the hit show Star Trek: Discovery, starring none other than Sonequa Martin Green as the venerable Captain Michael Burnham, who will defeat a mysterious force which threatens the galaxy and all life in it.”

  16. Fantastic 4? Fkn trash. Get back on board w Star Trek and not try to milk the MCU cash cow anymore. Plz and thank you.

  17. Nah. It's fine. Either they'll tank their carrier because, pretty sure Fantastic Four is just cursed, or we'll actually get a good Fantastic Four movie...which is doubtful.

  18. I am not really surprised, it was a movie with no one supposed to be in it hasn’t even heard about their “involvement”.

  19. One of The few movies where multiculture is a big part of The lore and everything makes sence therefore no ''racist" hate....and they remove it!?!?

  20. there were not great, but im a sucker for some good money spent on a sci fi movie, love those things, especially space ones so hopefully this gets made, extra points if its decent.

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