Numerous states in the US have become less democratic over 2000–2018. The reason why: Republican control of state government. "Across measures and model specifications, the results are remarkably clear: Republican control of state government reduces democratic performance."

  1. While that is certainly one theory, I think a different theory does a much better job of explaining it.

  2. Contrasting theory: two party systems are a natural outcome of First Past the Post voting in single member districts. The equilibrium of the US system will always be two parties because of the electoral structure.

  3. More and more, it seems to me that the Republican key actors are less and less patriots and more and more oligarch fanboys.

  4. More like bigots who hate minorities and latch on to oligarchs because they see oligarch power as the only way to maintain traditional power hierarchies in an increasingly diverse country.

  5. A big chunk of the criteria used was just how easy it is to vote. While I don’t disagree that’s an important part of identifying how democratic a place is (anything that makes voting harder moves you away from the ideal egalitarian democracy, even if that’s just making people wait in line for 5 minutes instead of 5 seconds) it does seem to leave other things out. The paper mentions equality under the law, but there appears to be little in the way of evaluating how many laws cater to specific groups or even how outcomes of existing laws have changed (e.g., did the poor get increasingly long prison sentences while the wealthy were afforded the opportunity to pay a - to them - nominal fine?).

  6. The trick is, how do you not make it harder, while making sure all votes are counted correctly, and no body that shouldn't be voting isn't, and dead people aren't voting?

  7. In Texas the GOP legislature is trying to prevent democrats from chairing committees. What is a democracy if the minority can't even participate

  8. Do people think “right” wing mean the right wing is right and the left wing is wrong. I’ve always wondered

  9. Its gerrymandering. The reason this happens is because republicans gerrymander everywhere they get elected. Gotta make sure all the black folks and other marginalized groups can't work together. I'm not going to say that Dems don't do this, but the republican party clearly only cares about obtaining and maintaining power, which to my mind makes them the likely source of the excessive gerrymandering in the states across the country. They have done much worse in the time between now and 2000, so this doesn't seem that far out of the realm of possibility.

  10. It's not just gerrymandering, which Democrats are sometimes guilty of. It's also Alabama Republicans closing DMVs and voting locations in black neighborhoods, sometimes leaving whole counties without a place to register to vote. It's North Carolina Republicans admitting in court that they cancelled Sunday voting specifically because their data showed black people went to vote after Church.

  11. Gerrymandering will become out of control post-Moore v. Harper if Moore wins the case... The racist maps the state courts shot down would no longer be able to be deemed unconstitutional since Independent Legislature Theory would allow the Legislature to go unchecked. Aka, if Moore wins his case.

  12. The Republicans WON the popular vote in the recent midterms for both the House and Senate. You can argue about gerrymandering, but the popular vote went RED and we know that the popular vote is extremely important to Democrats since they have repeating that Hillary won the popular vote since 2016.

  13. Yup. Gone downhill over the last 5 years for sure. Feels like people have forgotten how to think about anything not politically motivated.

  14. Another reddit science trope - everything has to be political with misleading shock and awe titles

  15. On silly, that is just one of the mechanisms. How about big tech censoring outright (twitter) or shadowbanning (fb) content that puts their preferred party in a negative light?

  16. There's a lot of different factors that went into that definition for this paper! In supplemental table A1 you can see them all but some of the highlights are related to gerrymandering, early voting, automatic voter registration, voter ID, voters deterred because of disability or illness, voting wait times, and registrations rejected.

  17. And yet somehow the Jan 6 stormers and the like are protesting the very thing they support projecting anything bad to the democrats. To the point they say the Jan 6 were protestors were Antifa.

  18. You mean spending more time finding ways to prevent voters from voting than they do trying to help the community might not be the best?

  19. Basically less democratic they mean things like no automatic voter registration or automatic mail ballots. So basically this study suggests states with republican governments are less likely to implement democratic (the party) policies. Not that the states are less democratic (as in representative government).

  20. They've been crying about stolen elections since the 90s, then limiting voting in the name of election security, then once they are in power they gerrymander the map which further dilutes Democrat voters (yes the Dems are guilty of this to, but there's no doubt the Republicans take it even further)

  21. Can we please get ranked choice voting in every state? Both Democrats and Republicans play the game of, at least I am better than that "Communist" or "Nazi"... Making it viable for 3rd parties to win will make the parties actually have to work for their voters interests, which is what we so desperately need.

  22. Luckily, our elite class can easily define “democracy” for us. If we the people vote for people and parties that oppose them or that they disagree with, then that’s NOT democracy.

  23. Republicans outwardly will say they want less people to vote as that is the only way they can remain in power. The idea that we live in a democracy is a farce.

  24. Considering that Democrats have voted into power for a paedophile with alzheimer's, a man who has suffered cognitive impairment from a stroke, and a man who has been legally dead for over a month, I'd say there are a lot of people should be barred from voting.

  25. Yeah and the reason the US will look like 1943 Germany is because of Democrats. Given my choice I will take my chances with the Republicans

  26. I can't believe people actually believe such propaganda. This isn't science, this is literally propaganda, and you all are slurping it up. If you still think one party is good and the other is bad in 2022, you are totally asleep.

  27. It's not just because other parties were elected, it's because of policies put in place. Some of the highlighted policies by the paper have to do with gerrymandering, voter registration, voter ID, absentee voting, and more

  28. The problem with headlines like this is that most conservative voters don't understand the difference between "democratic" and "Democrat." The right has been indoctrinated to believe that Democrats are the enemy and anything that hurts them is a good thing. They read headlines like this and instead of being alarmed that a basic fundamental right is being stripped away from one group at a time, they think "Yeah, stick it to those liberals!"

  29. As an independent who is opposed to the degeneracy that the Republican/Democrat jerk fest reducing our country to a "them or us" idiocracy, I strongly urge you to reconsider calling every single conservative dumb enough to not know the difference between democracy and Democrat. This is a huge problem in political discourse nowadays and it's not going to stop when conservatives and liberals are hurling insults at each other then they don't even know who stands for what anymore. Like, you're sitting there absolutely positive that the other side is illiterate.

  30. Nice to have empirical evidence showing conclusively that the GOP is against democracy, you know since literally everything they say and do isn't enough proof for some.

  31. I hear it regularly said that "America was never a democracy" as, apparently, good reason to be against it in all forms.

  32. I don't believe the elections are rigged, so the people are voting for them. I believe there's enough bigots and supremacists in the United States that they're willing to give up Freedom as long as they can stay on top and keep other races down.

  33. Well you'd be right if Republican and Conservative weren't mutually exclusive, but they are. You can be a Conservative Democrat and a Liberal Republican.

  34. Sorry, even though he might be factually correct, a single-author study in which the author uses I multiple times is hardly proper science.

  35. "I" is the norm in papers written by a sole author. It's jarring (and even sounds unprofessional to the untrained ear), but it's how it's done. Sole author papers are just not that common these days.

  36. If you go read published scientific letters from 100 years ago, it might blow your mind... It was common to include lines such as, "Some readers may recall the work from my previous summer sabbatical where I..." They were literal letters to the journal's audience.

  37. Yaaay perverse incentives. The people in charge of various places refuse to change their behavior to suit a changing electorate and instead change the behavior of elections to suit their own elections chances.

  38. Did you actually read the article? What is your complaint about their methodology? Or is it that you simply don’t like their findings and are reacting like an angry child?

  39. Remind me again, what benefit does society gain by allowing right wing parties to exist? All they do is undermine democracy and civil rights and promote ignorant populism. There is a long line of evidence for this and this paper is part of that.

  40. As we've seen in Florida it's a lot harder for democrats to win when a large amount of the tried and true methods of cheating and treason no longer work.

  41. Why do you say that? The author used 51 different democracy indicators to understand the differences between states. There seem to be a wide variety of policies included

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