Federally Funded Study Shows Marijuana Legalization Is Not Associated With Increased Teen Use

  1. I opened up my folks' garage door last month to see my mom hitting her tiny bong. I mean, water pipe, of course. She then showed off her giant bag of shake she got for free, haha. I'm glad they've gotten back INTO smoking after all these years. Brings me back to my childhood when my uncle lived with us hahaha

  2. False. My cousin smokes in the house with her kid. He has been smoking for 6 years, since he was 12. She doesn’t give him the weed, but she doesn’t keep it a secret from him.

  3. As a former teenager who was into both drinking and smoking, weed was way easier to get because there was a black market that had no qualms selling pot to 16 year-olds for their lunch money. Booze had to be stolen or gifted from a 'cool parent' because there was no black market for alcohol. Legalization means regulation.

  4. My Mom was a CPS social worker in the 90’s. She saw blunt scraps at a house and thought it was for crack. I had to inform her it was not.

  5. This is hilarious and I never actually thought of it even after watching my grandma stoned off her ass from a 2mg edible playing scrabble.

  6. It is a gateway drug, if I never tried/enjoyed weed I would never have tried the dumb amount of drugs i tried in my youth. Thank god I was able to quit that stuff, I still smoke weed, but anyone that says weed isn’t a gateway drug is kidding themselves.

  7. I had a friend move from the city to the burbs recently so I went out for a summer bbq. Basically all the moms and dads were talking about different strains, some cool new vaporizer they got recently, and how awesome suburban life is when you have kids.

  8. No data to back this up, but I would say way lower than it used to be. I talk to older adults about their teen years and they were keeping 6-packs under their seat, going to bars with no ID, and basically able to drink whenever they wanted by 18.

  9. If people want to take drugs they definitely will. Since drug usage, especially among teens, is often seen as something cool, banning it would probably just cause more teens to drink

  10. How are people seriously considering this? Have we collectively forgotten what happened the last time? Does nobody realize what is going on with all the other drugs that are illegal?

  11. Also in Oregon. How can any street dealer compete when $30 at a dispo buys you an oz of mid-shelf bud? It’s not great, but at $30, there’s not a lot of room to complain.

  12. Buying alc was a heist when I want 16-18, had to either smooth talk the cashier that you had just “forgotten” your id or try and pay off a homeless guy, who 25% of the time would just take the money and dun

  13. Man. The shock on my face walking into a liquor store at 21 and finding out Popov wasn't 20 bucks a bottle. My sketchy-ass, mid-30s manager was making bank off us kids.

  14. Always easier to just raid the parents or neighbors booze stash than it is to go buying illlegal drugs…. Raiding the liquor cabinet is by far the easiest way for teens to get high - big bonus: raiding the liquor cabinet is FREE !!!

  15. If you don't get beaten it works but I'm not trading blows with my dad for some alc when they find out when I can go bum around at a dispo or gas station to get some beer or pot from the sketchy dude who's down to either steal your money or buy for you

  16. No, because it actually makes it harder to get. Just ask anyone that tried to buy alcohol as a teen. And then ask how easy it was to get weed, while at school, in like 10-15 minutes.

  17. It's harder for kids to access a legal, regulated market, than to access Barney down the street who'll sell anyone mids with no questions asked

  18. I wonder if it will ever get fully legalized? Then will insurance companies still make employers test for it?

  19. I don’t mind being tested for current intoxication, what pisses me off is being fired because a hair test showed you smoked it three months ago

  20. Man I know why we spend money on these studies, but why do we have to spend money on these studies? Know what I mean? It's not like we haven't had another substance for thousands of years that's of a similar class of drug. One that was also legal, then illegal, then legal again. One that the majority of teens broke the law experimenting with at least once, with some of those people taking it up on the regular and some ruining their lives. Now compare that to weed. I guess I need to remember many people who didn't hit the dutchie probably want to know.

  21. Problem is laws aren't created because of research and science they are created because of financial gain.

  22. Thanks for posting this. I guess it’s the only way we can change the science sub to stop promoting anti-cannabis propaganda article posts.

  23. This is true for almost all confrontations or difficult discussions. Unless there is an immediate and urgent need (other than people's feelings), don't handle conflict in the heat of the moment.

  24. I was in high school in the Bay Area before and after weed was legal. The ease of getting weed was no different either way. The kids who had it before it was legal were still selling it and the kids buying it before were still buying it from them. The only noticeable change was people had more stuff like grinders and pipes. The fact it was legal only made a difference once we graduated and could buy it at a shop rather than some random kid in our English class.

  25. Hey, EU, hey Karl (German minister of health), hey German conservative beer loving hypoc… excuse me, politicians, read this, will you??

  26. Anyone else noticed that of the problems we were warned legal cannabis would bring.... Not one of those predictions have come true

  27. This is a very important point and when you place it side-by-side with the outcome from the Supreme Court ruling on abortion it shows you something interesting about politics in the US at this time. We're at a point where progressives have the wind at their backs precisely because all the hype about how terrible legalization would be have failed to materialize but at the same time the opposite is happening for conservatives. When they got the abortion ban they were hoping for, the results were indeed horrific and sad despite their assumption that this would not be the case. Little girls being forced to give birth to children conceived by rape is not an attractive headline. Meanwhile, we see wholesome images of family friendly gatherings where apparently normal people are openly enjoying cannabis and having a good time. This tells you a lot about where we're heading.

  28. I grew up in Tennessee in a place where weed is FAR from legal, in high school it was about 4 times harder to get booze than weed

  29. When I was in high school in a not legal state it was ten times easier to find weed than someone to buy alcohol. Additionally, we ran into issues of “I can’t find any weed or anyone to buy alcohol but I know someone who has Xanax and opium. So instead of sitting around with a case of beer we were popping Xanax and smoking opium.

  30. We should still be cautious and regulate companies that will try to market marijuana to teens, just like what happened with vaping. We can't have regulators asleep at the wheel again.

  31. As a kid weed was so easy to get it was ridiculous. All i had to do was walk outside and holler at one of the weed mans n they would hook me up. Alcohol was a lot harder to get in comparison.

  32. It absolutely blows my mind that we have so many states in the United States with recreational yet we can't seem to get it federally legal. Quick search on the internet says the states that have it recreationally collected like 3.7 billion dollars in 2021. I would just about guess that the feds could collect so much more than that on top of the state's tax. Money that could be spent to fund individuals personal education accounts or health accounts.

  33. If they legakize federally that would eventually lead to legalization of all drugs, and most people in prison are there for drug crimes. The prison industry is a for profit slave labor industry. Multiple multi billion dollar corporations use prison labor to increase their profits. Between these companies and big pharmaceutical companies paying politicians to keep drugs illegal, it will take a miracle to change this.

  34. My step-dad is super anti-weed to the point it doesn't make sense. He is seemingly ok with Alcohol, never makes a peep about alcohol poisoning or drunk driving... Yet He somehow has this idea that car accidents have gone up since Weed became legalized in a lot of states. Without and evidence at all, a pure "i feel like its worse" sort of mentality.

  35. Perhaps what folks don't understand is that there are not all that many uses for teenagers to begin with. Just because a person smokes pot doesn't mean he gonna be able to come up with additional uses for teens.

  36. That's not surprising. When I grew up alcohol was 100x harder to obtain than weed. Being 21+ really makes it a large obstacle for highschoolers

  37. Teens (and most others) have access to it illegally anyway, you’re not changing anything by legalizing it other than where we are buying

  38. I mean yeah drug dealers can make less from it since someone can legally buy it anyway so they have it less and a kid ain’t buying straight from the store

  39. I wonder if it'll actually have the opposite effect. Its not very "rebellious" to take up a perfectly legal drug, and with it been legal teenagers may see their parents or other relatives using it and go out of their way not to use it just to avoid been like their parents as teens are want to do.

  40. Not really surprised..I don't know the game these days but when I was a teenager and a pot smoker, it was easy to find. Everyone and their cousin had a hookup. If I didn't have any, I knew who would. If people want to do something, they find a way to get it.

  41. In Alberta atleast there are so many rules solely around because a kid might see it. They even made Zig-zag get rid of the little dude. Trailer Park Boys has a line of products that were first called "Trailer Park Buds" but were forced to change to "Big Bag O Buds".

  42. Can we admit that we were lied to about the war on drugs? Alcohol and tabaco are by far the most destructive, yet legal…

  43. They always like to use kids as their argument but they don't get ahold of something like alcohol without an unethical person or fake id.

  44. Teenagers tend not to care what is and is not illegal. If I couldn't be tried as an adult, I probably wouldn't either.

  45. This is science so I expect anecdotal evidenc to be deleted. But as a kid growing up in rural conservative south. With out an alcoholic family member you couldn't get alcohol or cigs. But I could get weed starting at 13 easy. I remmeber friends going to weed deals where pistols were present for protection. Now a days it would be crazy to do that

  46. I think the better question that should be studied; has the legalization of Marijuana caused teens to use other drugs. Marijuana has lost its appeal after legalization and are kids going to alternatives now (Molly, Ecigs, etc).

  47. I want to see the results of the 2021/2022 Canadian Student Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey (CSTADS). It's been delayed a year due to covid. But it's been 5 years since they legalised so there should be some fairly clear trends coming though.

  48. That was always a boomer argument in order to militarize the police against people protesting government tyranny. It was never about the kids.

  49. Of course not. Think back to being a teenager. Liquor stores ask for ID, weed dealers did not. It was massively easier to buy weed than booze. Now, weed dealers (stores) ask for ID. I can only assume the legal market has put a lot of the black market weed dealers out of business.

  50. Not commenting on the results of the study and/or usage of marijuana, but the term "federally funded" isn't quite the assurance of accuracy/quality they might think it is

  51. It at least means someone independent reviewed the study design and agreed it was worth spending money on. Specifically someone not associated with an advocacy group or other bias who wants a particular outcome. Federal funding isn’t perfect, but it is an indication that the study was likely designed to answer an important question in a reasonable way.

  52. No, that's especially meaningful in this context because federally funded implies the researchers' bias would be to find the opposite results.

  53. I dont think you understand what the term federally funded means. You have an 11 year profile on here and are unable to accurately google what you are talking about. For as much time as you spend on ask reddit please try to do better over the next decade of your life you spend here. Again, please look up what it means when research is federally funded and what happens to approved federally funded research. I know this is not the answer you want in your vacuum of thought but it is people like you that give the rest of us who actually research topics a bad name. Here is a link to help you.

  54. Of course not. When I was in high school, it was 10x easier to get weed than to get beer. Illegal sellers will sell to anybody, but real licensed places won't. If dispensaries sell at a lower cost and with higher quality stuff, they'll push the illegal sellers out of business. It's really just common sense. You don't have to pay that extra 'risk' tax.

  55. The reality of Canadian legalization is that it seems like most teens do not want to smoke weed because their parents do it and it's now seen as a "previous generation" thing.

  56. Studies aren't always correct. They just provide single piece of what could possibly be evidence pointing toward single possible conclusion. Anyone with a brain knows that one study does not signify absolute certainty, so congrats on meeting that threshold I guess.

  57. This is statistically untrue. The youth behavioral risk assessment survey from Colorado, Washington, and California all show a increase in use for youth 13-18 after recreational laws were passed.

  58. “Findings are not consistent with changes in the prevalence or frequency of adolescent cannabis use after legalization. Ongoing surveillance and analyses of subpopulations are recommended.”

  59. The potential bias of the study is MUCH MUCH more important, though. Hence why federally funded was highlighted in the title.

  60. In the states, at least. There needs to be a more liberal attitude towards parents introducing their teenagers to beer and weed. Trouble happens when teenagers consume in secret with only other teenagers.

  61. It was a gateway to harder drugs in the sense you had to meet up with people who were already breaking the law who might have other drugs to sell, and hey if you're willing to break the law to buy weed and it didn't immediately destroy your life like D.A.R.E. said it would might as well try all the other things they told you not to.

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