Despite high heterogeneity across studies, these results indicate that children and adolescents on plant-based diets, especially those on vegan and macrobiotic diets, may be at risk of developing vitamin B12 deficiency.

  1. I remember my doctor informing me at least 15 years back that vegetarians generally have B12 deficiency and hence am surprised to see that its being represented here as a new finding.

  2. Yes it's been known for decades, and taking B vitamins isn't that expensive. At least compared to buying meat these days.

  3. Animal feed is fortified with it, or animals injected with it, so if they've got to supplement it to get it in to meat eater diets, why is it a suprise that those not eating meat would need to supplement themselves? Agriculture and pollution have killed off the natural production of it so everyone needs to be supplementing somewhere in their food chain.

  4. Vegetarians dont really have a high risk of B12 deficiency since they still eat animal products, we can store B12 very long in our bodies and we dont need that much of it.

  5. Twenty years ago, my vegetarian classmate in university told me he had to travel to his parents once a month for his B12 shot because his new doctor wouldn't do them. He stopped going at some point and ended up in the ICU for five weeks when he had the flu. Learned to do them himself after that.

  6. Yeah I mean, what did they expect? We're naturally omnivores, of course we have a deficiency when you take away a part of our natural diet.

  7. Yeah for decades this has been known, to be careful and intentional about B12 if you’re plant-based. I’ve been a vegetarian for many decades this isn’t new. I think the only new part is people who didn’t know this obvious thing and became plant based on a trend or whim, are hitting some nutritional deficiencies and are surprised and think it’s new info. I have been hearing about this from docs and articles and nutrition 101 in health class in grade school since I was a child, and as a vegetarian child it’s a part I paid attention to.

  8. It's a little surprising to still see it, all the alternative milks are fortified with B12 these days so it's still plenty easy to get B12 in a plant based diet without other supplements.

  9. I think the variance in rate of instance between subgroups is what they meant by heterogeneity. Heterogeneity is the opposite of homogeneity, which (give me some grace here, it's been 6 years since my Master's degree studies in Econometrics) essentially means the variation of the model error results are not uniform, which violates one of the requirements for Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) Regression.

  10. People will point at the vegans, but at the same time forget that before we started putting Vitamin D in milk, we used to have problems and same for iodine in salt. Having to pay attention to one vitamin (which is now so well supplemented into foods, just like iodine and Vit. D) is not all that big of a deal.

  11. Completely agree. If you look for studies, it's been found that a fair number of meat-eaters in the northern hemisphere are vitamin D deficient anyway, even with supplementation (I meant: fortification), because we generally don't get much sun in winter, and people's average daily milk consumption has dropped off steeply over the decades (generally having been replaced with soda, which does not have Vitamin D supplemented)

  12. Same, I’m omnivorous and still had B12 deficiency. Had to take 1000 mcg of B12 daily for a year just to bring my levels up to normal.

  13. Yeah it's definitely more and more common these days. In The Game Changer they explain it's mainly due to the fact that B12 (edited: produced by bacteria) doesn't actually come from animals but from the soil that grows the plants animals consume, and how our extensive use of pesticide is killing them.

  14. Vitamin B12 deficiency is common among several groups, especially older people and those with bariatric surgery. 40% of Western populations have low or marginal status of B12. The common recommendation is taking a vitamin B12 supplement which is literally pennies per day. Major dietetic associations (and loads of peer-reviewed studies) around the world recognize the safety and health benefits of a plant-based diet (

  15. Yes. I track all my minerals and vitamins using chronometer, never had an issue and I hit all my targets. I can't stand the ppl who quit veganism and bad mouth it when they weren't eating whole foods and eating store bought processed vegan nuggets instead.

  16. I've been vegan for nearly 3 decades, and you are correct in your assessment. It really isn't an issue for us. B12 pills are sold in tons of places like supermarkets and CVS's, and are dirt cheap.

  17. The way I understand it is that the disease formerly known as pernicious anaemia which the old books would say is simply caused by a deficiency of B12 is actually caused by an autoimmune condition where the body's production of an incredibly generically named substance "intrinsic factor" has been halted or substantially reduced. Intrinsic factor is what enables the body to use B12. So the situation is more complicated than often presented. There is an apparent mystery about populations around the world where vegetarianism is usual and consumption of dairy is not practiced. The best guess about where the missing B12 comes from appears to be charmingly called "insect residue".

  18. The an8mal ag industry and these weird carnivore types go to great lengths to try to own the vegans by spewing bs to muddy the waters.

  19. Serum b12 Bloodwork is not a very good indicator for overall b12 status, especially with supplementation (and fortification) what matters is that you feel good!!

  20. Is this supposed to be novel information? Most physicians will discuss B-12 injections or B-12 supplements for their patients when they mention they are vegetarian or vegan. It is a very standard practice.

  21. It’s supposed to mislead people just scrolling into thinking there is a new discovery that would debunk veganism. OP is called

  22. I can't think of any of my vegan friends here in the southwestern US that aren't aware that our diet needs B-12 supplementation. Some chose a tablet form, some use B-12 fortified nutritional yeast. Pretty much a non-issue. It may be an issue for teens that take up a vegan diet alone. Often that seems to be more of an eating disorder with plants rather than a dietary or ethical choice. If your child decides to eat nothing but lettuce based salads, they can lose weight and become malnourished pretty quickly. Bt if they are eating grains, legumes, fruit, starchy veggies, cruciferous, and nuts, all they need for supplementation is B-12 and flax seed for omega 3

  23. What do you think of cultured meat? I'm kind of conflicted, but I would like if it took over the agriculture industry.

  24. Why don’t we just take the vitamins instead of giving the vitamins to the animals before we kill them and dismember them?

  25. Started taking the B complex pill, replaced my caffeine pills with em. Makes a huge difference to someone who kinda neglects eating and all the proper things. For me anyway. Turns your wiz into neon yellow flat rockstar but energy all day.

  26. Yeah I get my B complex from costco. Was like 13 bucks for a huge 500 tablet container. Great deal. I noticed the same thing with energy too

  27. It also should be pointed out that meat is high in b12 because livestock is supplemented cobalt. So if you are getting your b12 from eating burgers it’s due to second hand supplementation.

  28. To clarify, cows are given cobalt to help with B12 production for the bacteria in their stomachs. Pigs and chickens are supplemented with B12 in their feed.

  29. Yeah, this is basic knowledge. I’ve been vegetarian for 20 years and knew this 20 years ago. Very easy to supplement this. Methylcobalamin is the most easily absorbed form. I’ve been tested and am always at the high end of the scale.

  30. That's why supplements are important. That's why eating beans is important. I have to take an iron supplement, but overall we are pretty healthy. I get that supplements get a bad name, but sometimes they can be really crucial.

  31. People on high protein diets can be, too. You need more b12 to process the methylmalonic acid that results from high protein diets.

  32. I had assumed it'd been somewhat fairly common knowledge that some dietary lifestyles may need specially fortified ingredients or some supplements? At least for a couple decades.

  33. Take care of your b12 (vitamins in general) intake if you are any of these: Vegetarians, alcoholics, being pregnant and some medications (ppi, diabetes etc, ask pharmacist instead of Google)

  34. Anytime I see an article that starts with the word “despite” I think “this is going to be interesting”

  35. Well yeah…. That’s like a known thing. Vegans are pretty much always told that they have a risk of developing B12 and D deficiency due to their diet. D is something that a lot of people would be lacking in but dairy milk is regularly fortified with it for that reason. This is nothing new and can be very easily resolved with basic grocery store vitamins.

  36. Oh look, it's that guy again who is in the meat cult posting about meat cult studies. We've known this for years. Vegans add fortified yeast to their diet. Done. Bye.

  37. B12 is not made by plants - but it is also not made by animals. B12 is made by bacteria. B12 comes by way of animal foods through exposure to these microbes. We drink treated water and no longer have sufficient exposure.

  38. I eat meat on the regular and I was recently diagnosed with a B12 deficiency. Like, my body doesn't absorb it properly or something. I'm in a good spot now that I take supplements every day.

  39. “May be at risk” is the weaseliest scientific conclusion. Got a head? You may be at risk of it suddenly falling off. You never know.

  40. I also like the “despite high heterogeneity”. In other words, each study we reviewed came to a different conclusion

  41. I mean, I'm not vegan anymore but taking b12 supplements is pretty common since this is well known in that community

  42. I guess the problem is not so much with vegans or a vegan diet but with uneducated vegans who either a) don’t know they have to substitute b) don’t get the right amount c) don’t want to substitute by taking a pill because they are fooled by

  43. Vegetarianism and veganism have become massively popular in the last few years, so I wouldn't be surprised if a concerning proportion of them aren't aware of the issue. It's very easy to become one now without doing your research (which was much less the case a decade or two ago).

  44. Very old news. Also, easy remedied. Also, its because every we eat is so very thoroughly clean where as farmed animals eat a lot of dirt.

  45. I'm not a vegetarian at all yet I still developed a vit b12 deficiency and had to take IM injections alternate days and then every week

  46. So I haven't eaten beef or poultry directly in 26 years. Not because of any belief, I am just weird. I do however eat some pork, such as bacon on occasion and pepperoni (yes I am aware that it is often made from both beef and poultry, like I said it isn't a belief, it's a texture issue). I have done a fasting test about every 3 months for the last year or so and the only problem has been Vitamin D. I wonder about people like me who only have scant amounts of meat and how it effects us long term.

  47. Meatrition at it again. This guy’s mission in life is to spread meat propaganda and attack vegans. Monumentally biased. So pathetic, I feel embarrassed for him.

  48. I understand that taking a moment to verify studies via a cross-sectional analysis is always a good thing, but I seriously question why this one was done, when there are so many others that could be done and would have real impact if a discrepancy (or none) was found.

  49. Hasn't been his been known since like forever? I thought pretty.kuch everyone knows to take a B12 supplement if you don't eat meat..

  50. This isn’t new info. It’s common knowledge that if you’re vegan, you should be taking a vitamin B12 supplement or eating B12-fortified foods

  51. The B12 in most diets revolving around animal cruelty come from feeding the animals B12 supplements and fortified foods. You can safely cut out the animal cruelty and just take the supplements directly.

  52. Did we not already know this? My Mum was filling us full of brewers years in the 1970s! Yes we were hippies. Yes I hate lentils.

  53. I've been vegan since 2016, vegetarian since 2011. Had my blood tests in September of this year and my B12 is off the charts. All the soy milk and many of the other products i ingest all are fortified with B12, also nooch!

  54. It took 6 years of being vegetarian for me to form a B12 deficiency. I now take supplements. It's really not a big deal.

  55. All it takes is taking a quick glance at any vegan to tell its not healthy for them, not even counting all the extra money theyre tricked into spending. To think with all that privilege theyd rather pretend to be healthy rather than do anything positive

  56. Hopefully people supplement the vitamin. The more this problem is known, the greater likelihood someone will know to supplement, so the study did good atleast

  57. When I went vegan 3 years ago it was widely available information saying vegans/people on plant based diets need b12, nothing new here.

  58. Most people, regardless of diet, should be supplementing B12 and Vitamin D (unless you live in a tropical climate and are exposed to the sun daily) on a daily basis.

  59. B12 is the only B vitamin that is singularly available from animal sources so it makes sense that those who avoid animal products would be deficient

  60. It’s a known fact plant based diets don’t provide sufficient vitamin B, that’s why it’s recommended to take supplements

  61. I was vegan for almost a decade before finally deciding to take b12 and I got tested for it regularly and my lab levels were never low. My vitamin d on the other hand is often low even though I have been supplementing it for years

  62. So after tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of years of humans eating meat, a no meat diet fucks with your body? Amazing! Who could ever have guessed

  63. That is not a new finding. This has been known by, and mostly ignored by quite a lot of, vegetarians and vegans. There are extra preps for that, for more than 15 years by now.

  64. I don't know how you can claim it's mostly ignored. There are some crunchy vegans who make baseless claims about not needing supplements, but in my experience the vast majority of vegetarians and vegans are aware of the need to supplement B12. Supplementing B12 is very cheap and easy.

  65. It’s easy, like somebody mentioned. We had to do this with other vitamins. Trade off is your healthier.

  66. Again, another study shows that humans evolved over millions of years to have a wide-variety diet and that these fads aren’t good for us. B12 is vital for DNA production and blood cell production. And if you don’t have that, you’re gonna have a hard time getting oxygen pretty soon.

  67. Yes. Integrating eggs or dairy (if you are a vegetarian) may be a good way to increase B12 in your system. Or you can take a b12 vitamin. They are pretty easy to find.

  68. I take b12 supplements. It is common knowledge among vegans. Also, I get blood work done yearly and my cholesterol is non existent, and my levels are great.

  69. Well, there was already one study that said that strictly plant based diets were weakening the digestive system. So this isn't surprising. It's like not exposing your child to nuts at a young age so they don't become allergic to them.

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