Insulin Resistance doubles risk of Major Depressive Disorder

  1. I eat too much sugar cause I'm depressed. Now I have type 2 and am even more depressed. Evolution was a ripoff.

  2. Sugar cures diabetes in the absence of fat, google what the health and kempner diet. You've been lied to. Sugar without fat begets insulin sensitivity

  3. Wait, so having a scary disease and then learning that the most popularly known treatment for it will likely not work on you, is harmful for your mental state.

  4. As a fellow Type 1 diabetic I get this…no amount of things I do will make me get over needing insulin. I’m living with the disease that will be the end of me, just have to manage it till then.

  5. Neuronal metabolism is gaining evidence as mediator of many mental health disorders. Lower insulin resistance, in addition to reducing body's need to produce 'extra' insulin, better converts sugar for cellular energy. Exercise- long known to be effective stratgey to treat depression- lowers insulin resistance. In addition to other beneficial consequences of exercise (ex: dopamine, growth hormone, anti-inflammatory alterations), lowered insulin resistance is likely a significant contributor to reduced depression.

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