haldol experience?

  1. My psychiatrist told me that haldol is one of the worst drugs out there. I was on it for a little while after being in the hospital, but she took me off that stuff and I felt way better.

  2. It gave me Acute Dystonia. Its when my head was pushing upwards My eyes rolling in the back of my head And my head trying to snap my spine by tilting upwards so hard it was making the back of my head touch my spine and it was one of the most horrible scary experiences ever. And they at the hospital gave it to me And then they called the police on me Then the police took me home And lucky i knew the antidote was Benzotrophine which I took 6mg of that I had at home And I hate the hospital and all doctors and thats my story fuck anti phycotics and all things related to phyciatrists

  3. I take it and it’s like the only AP that helps me without major side effects. But apparently that’s not very common with APs (the atypical ones are easier for most people).

  4. For me personally, it felt much milder when it came to cognitive abilites. But, it's other side effects.....are....just cruel. I almost died because my muscles weren't listening to me and I was near the train tracks twitching like a worm in all sides with all of my limbs randomly stretching themselves everywhere.

  5. Only ever been shot with it or given it in inpatient unit. It's taken me down hard getting shot with it, unfortunately my experience is limited to that

  6. I'm on 15 mg and I do feel dumb and zombified and lethargic but hell, I have on the other 11 APs I've tried too, and otherwise Haldol works best for me, so I'm sticking with it.

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