Is spring a hard time of year for anyone else?

  1. My mom works on the psych ward in my city and she says a lot of patients struggle in spring. Same with my sister who lives with schizophrenia. I think it must be due to the amount of sunshine etc.

  2. It's the hardest time for me as well. I first became symptomatic five springs ago and that's also the time I got hospitalized. I always struggle this time of year. I hope this spring goes well for you.

  3. I first got diagnosed in March last year, right when it was starting to get warmer. From what I’ve learned, these seasons changing are really hard for people with schizophrenia and other related illness. For some it’s fall or winter, and others it’s spring or summer. For me, it’s right when winter is leaving and spring is coming, I’m not sure why because I love spring time but it’s so fucking difficult to deal with

  4. I live in Maine and Feb to mid April I don’t do very well. The wether is unstable. The temps are anywhere from -20 to 65 and that sometimes it can be freezing and 65 in the same week. And the drastic light changes. My symptoms, all of them, the bipolar and the schizophrenic symptoms are just terrible. Same for October to November

  5. Every other year I lose my mind it seems and its ALWAYS late spring/ early summer. April/ May seems to be the most high risk time for me.

  6. spring makes my depression worse. everything looks so washed out and the light is so white compared to yellow in the summer. i usually have psychotic episodes during that time as well

  7. I always try to explain the light giving me a bad feeling as the day goes on (actually happened yesterday), but when it was getting dark around 5-6pm, I felt like I was missing the sun, too.

  8. Fall is my worst time of year, it was when I was diagnosed and had my first psychotic episode.

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