Experience on Clozapine

  1. Clozapine changed my life. I was originally taking olanzapine which left me extremely fatigued and tired. I was emotionally flat and just cruising through. Clozapine made me feel kinda like before I had any psychosis at all. I don’t have a lot of weight gain or fatigue. I am able to stay relatively active and socialize again. The blood tests are ok. I get a 28 day supply so that I do my blood test on the same day every four weeks. You can find what works for you.

  2. I am on clozapine and I mainly have problems with restless legs, fatigue, and sore muscles. It is a bit of a pain to get blood tests done regularly. Right now I’m getting them every 2 weeks. But, I am good in my head.

  3. It has been a literal life-saver for me. Side effects have been fatigue and massive weight gain, but it has been worth it.

  4. It makes me very sedated, and the blood tests can be a nuisance, but overall its been much better for me than any other antipsychotic I've been on. I think it's definitely worth giving it a go

  5. I was on it briefly. I had to stop bc my ED behaviors were acting up and it became unsafe, but I found it a lot more helpful than ECT with regard to suicidal ideation. It made me REALLY constipated though lol, and the bloodwork was quite annoying.

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