do you guys work?

  1. I haven't been able to work since 2018. Just got back into therapy. I'm hoping by the end of the year I can atleast find some part time that I can handle.

  2. Same, I'm 30. I'm socially withdrawn and part of the reason I don't want to meet new people is because I don't want to tell them I don't have a job. I used to have a friend who was very judgemental about it because he is a workaholic and bases his self worth on work. We are not friends anymore.

  3. Yes, but to be perfectly honest my job was "given" to me. My Fiance & his business partner run an insurance company & he gave me the job of "welcome department" which means I get a list daily of all the new people who signed up & I call them to welcome them to our company & answer any questions. I work from home, rarely leave the house & have to take breaks as I'm going. It's difficult but I'm lucky.

  4. Currently I don't, but I'm hoping to get a job soon. I really want to work as a barista while I'm finishing up college.

  5. barista was the longest job ive lasted at with this (5 yrs) i hope that gives you hope that its doable. i honestly wouldnt try starbucks with this though and maybe try getting the closing shifts cause morning rush can be intense. you might love it though. i did.

  6. I have a job, but I just got accepted for SSDI and SSI. Been working for this since my diagnosis. Hope yall know that your contributions to capitalism does not determine your worth. Be kind to yourself.

  7. Omg you got accepted? The first time I applied I didn't get accepted and I'm like how... lol two doctors and a nurse told me I had the disorder..

  8. My husband is doing so amazing! He’s finished university, a very stressful training at a company and now started a full time job. It is possible, at least for some 🙂

  9. I haven't been able to work for three years now. My psychiatrist has told me to find another way to find purpose in my life like finding hobbies or volunteering.

  10. i work as a cook. i finally found a restaurant with a laid back atmosphere and small staff. i found stuff that is on my feet and keeps my mind busy to be easier.

  11. I’m pretty stable right now and I have a job at a pizza place… looking for new job soon…. I have to worry if things flare up…been fired for that multiple times.

  12. I take it none of you get Social Security Disability payments? From what I understand you can’t work while disabled?

  13. I work part-time. It's challenging at times but my employer knows about my illness and is super understanding when I need to take time off because of an episode.

  14. I haven't been able to in over 2 years. My husband has been taking care of finances while I try to get SSDI. Before that I worked 10 years in retail while mostly unmedicated ( it was really hard I would job hop a lot.) But just before I had to stop working I was working as a auditor for a large global logistics company(not amazon screw that place) and I loved my job. I made great money and was being prepared for management before I relapsed into the illness really badly and had to quit. Now I'm just trying to stay busy from day to day. I do twitch and art as well as gaming to keep myself occupied now but even that is hard to do.

  15. No. The Federal Government has determined I'm too much of a liability to participate in the work force, or anywhere else in society. I do more damage than good. So now they pay me to stay home alone, where I can't harm anyone but myself. Prior to that, I was a long haul trucker, for 15 years. Scary shit huh? Bipolar Schizoaffective Trucker. Well, at least I wasn't a serial killer trucker. Like these guys..

  16. im fairly young but i haven't been able to find anything that can work with my personal needs (later times, less human interaction, and an environment that isnt super stimulating because sensory issues :/). look for jobs that by nature are already somewhat accommodating to your conditions, where you would need little to no things changed to properly work. and if you're anything like me and have a short temper/easily get overwhelmed by other people i dont recommend customer service positions. easy to get fired from there if you don't do well around people

  17. I'm proud of you for admitting that you have these needs and you deserve for them to be met. I don't know how young you are but as a younger adult (early twenties) I used to hide /deny my feelings and needs because I thought they weren't that necessary. Keep applying yourself and you will find the best work environment.

  18. I do. I have worked in the engineering field for 7 years designing highways. I am always open about my diagnosis and give my bosses the heads up when I have med changes. I work from home 3 days and in the office 2 days but was home all through covid. I am lucky. I can take mental health days as needed and my main boss is very supportive. When I worked retail and fast food I never disclosed my diagnosis but I have found life to be much easier by giving my superiors a heads up first

  19. Yes, I work.... Have done contract work in projects since 2015 but had a dry spell from end of 2018 to 2020. That was hard but because of COVID. I am able to have a full life now hardly with any symptoms just careful with my sleeping pattern and staying on meds, avoid anything that may upset the balance like alcohol or non prescription drugs. I was very unwell from the age of 19yrs to 32 yrs old. Lucky though during this time I went to uni which was less strenuous than working. I only graduated when I was 30 yrs and I went on and did a master's but really started working in a proper profession in 2015. I work full time hardly have any holiday because I'm not paid for them. I was so worried I was left behind only starting work in my mid 30s but I've caught up with my peers now in my 40s. Contracting is great because you disclose the illness to the agent not the client, they don't need to know. I can contract for 3 months at a time and if I feel burnt out can take a little break, though I try not to. It pays more because it is unstable and tenuous work..... But it suits me well. Also, you don't get involved in politics that much at work which stresses me out. I have now been getting contracts of 6 months at a time with no break in between since 2020. You need to save money so you can mitigate for if you can't secure your next job though..... That is the only down side, you can be without work for a long time which depends on your profession I guess. Project work is ok for me.... It requires a lot of organization and I was a PA before so it was a natural progression.

  20. No, I've never worked full time. I'm 29 and I'm going back to college (online) next week. Should take me about 2 years to finish my bachelor's then I'll go from there. I do try to sell my artwork when I can.

  21. I worked at a thrift shop for 2 shifts, though the first one was only 1.5 hours. I contemplated just leaving through the back door during my break on the second one because I still had 5 hours left, but I was able to get through it. When I got back home, I just kind of cried and asked my mom to tell them I can't continue working there, I was too ashamed to tell them that myself. I had just turned 17 when that happened and now I'm about to turn 18 but I feel worse then I was then, so I plan on just going to therapy and getting appropiate medication until I can go outside again.

  22. My fiancé (with sza) is working at the moment, but not in a job that he particularly loves. We are working on finding something that he enjoys doing that also helps us pay the bills. Slow and steady, but we are getting there!!

  23. I did! I disclosed to my job that I was schizoaffective and they said it did not matter as long as nothing happened at work. I just got let go but I am not worried about it, the management was piss poor at best so I am looking for something more professional now. Best of luck to you! PMA always

  24. Yeah I do somehow haha! I’m actually about to get a job as an A&R consultant in the music industry, but it took me 6+ years to actually be able to work a full time or even part time job. So don’t necessarily give up on the fact of working.. it takes time to be able to be content with a job and have the mental strength to actually get through shifts; especially when it’s a busy ass Friday or whatever and you just want to go home and decompress. Steady med schedule helps a lot and I look at - say a part-time job like this. It’s just a job, if you can’t handle the pressure, just quit, wait a month or two , even longer to get another job. Make sure you’re physically and mentally able to get a job. When you go in for an interview take a brief look around and think “do i see myself working here, does it look like extremely demanding and stressful work” or does it seem chill. analyze the workplace and see if you see yourself being able to handle even the most basic tasks. And most part time jobs the manager will be flexible with your schedule so tell them “ hey I can only work 15-20 hours” or something like that and they should abide and if they don’t, just don’t take the job. During Covid times rn it’s not hard to get a job at your everyday average burger joint or department store so if you have to quit don’t feel like that’s the last job you’re ever going to have. And also don’t base your end goal with that random part-time full-time job. If you want to pursue something musical like I did or art or something along those lines set time aside to pursue your passion that way you have a purpose behind the regular job. Hope this helps! There’s hope for people with schizoaffective disorder to hold a job! 😁

  25. I do freelance work which comes around every so often. It's not too demanding and I don't have to interact with people and I have a serious case of alogia so my communication skills are really bad. I'm not able to work a typical job because of this and many other reasons. I'm also on pip benefits (UK)

  26. No. I'm sure there must be a job out there that I can do but I don't know what it is. I'm not qualified for anything. I failed to get my GED. I'm very bad at tests. The only place I could think of that would hire me with no experience or GED is retail and I can't work retail. I can hardly stand being in a store as a customer so there is no way I could work there.

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