just joined!! been trying to find others to relate too!! I actually feel I belong!! I was diagnosed schizoaffective!! and hopefully this would be a better plat form for me!!

  1. Welcome to the club. Feel free to chat, meltdown, break down or have a complete episode here and just know, we are with you and here for you. This is a great community and we open your arms, hearts, minds and skitzo to you.

  2. Welcome! Love your eye makeup!! Hope you enjoy our lil community :) I've been on many subs for mental health, but I always find myself sticking around this one lol

  3. Sorry if I don't reply right away or if I don't and it all almost sounds the same. My communication skills are terrible, I try my best. It's really hard trying to come up with something on the spot and I do get anxiety.

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