Hypnogogia can be so good if it’s not psychotic or depressive

  1. You're talking about the sorta half dream state leading up to sleep right? or the one after waking? How are they pleasant for you I'm genuinely curious I want mine to be but I usually have nightmares and that really fucks me over when I only halfway wake up out of them sometimes. Most of the times I've experienced the ones leading into sleep it's some fucking bastard saying something or some alarming noise in general to wake me up just as I was about to fall asleep.

  2. Mine hit before sleep, waking up and the most vivid dreams when I'm fully a sleep. I never had bad dreams or trips. I always knew it was the LSD so I laughed it off. I never let the bad run me into a panic. DMT ruined me though. I did it once and never again It that stuff is the spirt drug that shows the answers then we are in a cycle of electronic stimulation like the matrix and we are fucked. Well that's what the DMT showed me. A cycle that starts over at birth and is reset everytime we die to live it again. This is hell and weren't getting out.

  3. My gf experiences hypnagogic hallucinations. She says they can be scary but they can also be trippy and cool. She knows when she is about to fall asleep sometimes because she sees images in her mind with her eyes closed.

  4. Please enlighten me on this subject. What is, are, Hypnogogia? I sleep like a baby on MDMA. I do dream when I did acid but I haven't dreamed in years on my meds. So I get the picture when she sees images on her eye lids when she's fallen a sleep. It happens for me when I micro dosed and when I tripped balls completely on 2 or more hits.

  5. Hypnogogia and hypnopompia are the states between full consciousness and dreaming. Sometimes it can be used for like problem solving and thinking through deep issues. Bipolar people mostly have it and autistic people

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