can i bring edibles onto a plane

  1. You’re fine, but why not just eat it before going through security if you’re worried? Also why would you put chocolate on a sandwich lol

  2. super stealth weed peanut butter sandwich. But basically im only planning on taking like 50 mg’s and i get edibles that can be broken into small chocolate squares of 50mg so i think breaking it up and putting it on a sandwhich is my best bet because the squares do have a weed emblem on it. Also i’ve done it before it doesn’t make the sandwich taste weird and also im gonna most likely eat it in the airport for lunch.

  3. according to my research i really don’t think there is a risk in eating a piece of candy. I also don’t think any like flight attendant is gonna be looking at my eyes and arrest me if i’m high or some shit.

  4. There is no risk unless you are advertising a sandwich with weed in it. Op or this concerns you enough just eat that bad boy as you walk to the doors of the airport

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