Elon Musk officially owns Twitter

  1. Just a correction in the graphic. Both CEO & CFO were fired. Along with head of legal policy, Vijaya Gadde, who famously appeared on Rogan podcast with Jack.

  2. If anyone deserved to be fired it was Gadde. That podcast with Rogan was infuriating. They were cancelling accounts just because they didn't agree with them. No inciting of violence, nothing, just didn't like them.

  3. "Agrawal will walk away from his job with $42 million, after being chief executive officer for just under a year. His total compensation for 2021 was $30.4 million"

  4. This is everything they wanted. To sell their sinking ship for way more than it is worth and get out.

  5. Twitter is toxic but it depends on the accounts you follow tbf. Like for academics twitter is the absolute best place to share their research and know what's happening in their field. I know no economist that doesn't use Twitter. It's a valuable resource for budding economists.

  6. I totally agree! After being on Twitter, I feel we are doomed, with no hope. I logged out for good today. I feel good about it.

  7. So is he going to turn the building into housing for the homeless like he was shit posting about back in the day (within the last year maybe? Idk time is meaningless lately)

  8. I would want this for only one reason: to make those morons buying DWAC lose their minds because Truth Social’s value will immediately plunge to $0. No. Not really. Keep him banned.

  9. I quit twitter in 2016… life was so much better after. I joined again for work reasons and wow is it a miserable, awful, toxic platform. It should shudder if only for the greater good of humanity yeesh.

  10. Agree. It’s 95%+ rot. There are pockets of serious academics, scientists, and journalists that have really interesting interactions… not only do they share great ideas but they create great new connections and give birth to new ideas right in some of those threads. And it’s also fun glimpsing into their networks … who they know, who they follow, who follows and really engages with them.

  11. Meh, who cares about twitter anyway. Let Musk waste his money on a platform that's already on the decline than on something that could actually have an impact.

  12. Yeah cause history shows how glamorous life was in the early 1900s and earlier. What a privileged take.

  13. One reason is that Elon Musk said that he supports "absolute" free speech. Some worry that this will lead to more spam, more radical political posts (Musk has said he'd let Donald Trump back on the platform), more conspiracies/hoaxes, and more foreign governments posting propaganda on the site. Also Musk is not a free speech absolutist as he says since he paid off women he had sex with to not talk about it, fired a Tesla employee for posting youtube videos of himself driving in a Tesla, tried to get a teenager banned from twitter who had a bot that posted publicly available info from the FAA on Musk's private airplane's flights, etc. Since the Twitter platform incentivizes extreme posts and money allows governments and corporations to pay for tons of people/bots/etc. to post, there will be more of that stuff and less real people posting casual things on twitter.

  14. Elon musk has been more vocal lately regarding politics, and hes on the other side, so people decude to hate him more, despite not much reslly changing

  15. Twitter (and Meta for that matter) are both public companies; their employees are compensated in RSUs (ie., units of public stock). It's impossible to be underwater on units that are given to you. Early Twitter employees who were given stock options pre-IPO (2013) have likely had to exercise by now (a 10-year exercise window wasn't much of a thing in 2013.)

  16. What exactly do you think needs changing at Twitter, why hasn’t anyone else thought of it - and how do you know that they weren’t already trying to do what you suggest?

  17. FIRED YOU TURD YOUR IDIOTS TIME AT THE BIG BOY TABLE IS THANKFULLY OVER. I had to laugh at all bleeding hearts saying “oh now there is going to be hate and racism and sexual harassment again. Have you read the vitriolic horrible things you liberals call anyone(not just republicans) call people. At least Elon will let BOTH sides speak even though you clowns censored anything close to a conservative thought while you were there. Good riddens to you clowns you almost ruined a pretty good thing.

  18. I nuked my account with over 8000 followers. Just can’t handle another rich egomaniacal madman running the show.

  19. I won't go to the trouble to delete my account, but it's one more reason not to visit the site. I just don't need all that negativity and rage in my life.

  20. I could generally care less but I am legit worried about him reactivating trumps account. Giving that waste of life another megaphone back will not lead to good things.

  21. The fact this is getting downvoted is hilarious. Ppl can only see things through an ideological lens. Musk sucks ass but also he's really said so little about what he's actually gonna do but ppl don't care and will hyperventilate partisanly and preemptively.

  22. Re:2 how? musk is a clown with no experience in advertising (beyond his own brand) and no understanding of data mining (and it's limitations), if it were as simple to improve as tweeting "make ads gooder" twitter would have done it already.

  23. I said it when he first talked about buying it, Twitter will be dead within a year if he actually does all of the things he said he'll do

  24. This probably won't have much of an impact on SF. Twitter has been a fully remote company since 2020 (although elected officials gave the company major tax breaks to have their HQ in SF) and many employees have moved out of SF. Even before they were fully remote there were articles that recruiters complained they were having trouble hiring people because people were worried about crime near the HQ location.

  25. Why is a sub that almost unanimously hates tech bros so focused on the aquisition of a big corportation that has 0 effect on them ? Tencent owning reddit is like 100x worse.

  26. They wouldn't quit, they know how much money they would get from being fired. It's funny (pathetic) to see the anti 1% people support the 1% when another person from the 1% (that they dislike more) fires them.

  27. As someone who’s had a Twitter since the jump, seeing it go down the tube is hard enough but here’s to hoping that it doesn’t get worse 🥲

  28. With Twitter under his control the world will be a different, darker place soon. Wars will breakout everywhere, lawlessness, massive poverty, worldwide hunger, murder rates will skyrocket, life expectancy will drop, the streets will be controlled by gangs, everyone will be addicted to drugs, rise in child marriages, human trafficking. The world was fun, but everything has to come to an end and this is it.

  29. Dear Elon, please use Denmark as a model to show how socialism can work. We have a good balance between socialism and capitalism - I call it socialism light. You can shed a light on how this could help your country immensely. We pay high taxes and have free healthcare, free education and no poverty. Wealthy Republicans don't want this and they don't want abortion for the same reason. Imagine if every child was wanted, supported and educated. There would be nobody left to work for $4 an hour in their companies.

  30. I deactivated my acct upon reading this. It’s just going to be a republican shit show now with TFG being allowed to come back. I have deleted my news apps also bc I just can’t handle the lies & misinformation that are literally destroying this country. I really really worry about my adult children and grandchildren.

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