Seriously? What is wrong with people.

  1. But really.. can someone explain this one to me? I don’t understand who is still buying this stuff in a store rather than online and who wants to watch porn in a theatre?

  2. If I remember right, driving by this place, they were advertising their "Movie Rooms with AC" during the heat wave.

  3. My nasty-ass closet case husband. Not even lockdown could keep him away from this place. Thank god I busted him when I did and thank Jesus and baby Jesus I didn’t lay a hand on the gross motherfucker for a long time while this was going on because of his shady behavior, oh and a really gross mystery rash he had all over his body. His defense is hilarious. Porn. He blames porn for visiting sex workers during a pandemic. Yeah, yup. Makes perfect sense

  4. Especially since this doesn’t stand for anything, just against a politician. I think it’s odd when people go to town on their gun or abortion rights displays, but at least they’re trying to do something.

  5. Yeah, have you ever seen anything like that on the other side? I've seen the sticker covered cars but this is a level I've not even seen on

  6. I walked into that place the other day, dude was bitching about student loan forgiveness while the other guy was saying there was nothing wrong with it. I think the dummy wanted me to hear because…. well he was a bit obvious about it. Basically, Asshat wanted to let a new customer know his political opinion. Didn’t buy anything, but it was my first time doing that and not at least saying thank you on the way out.

  7. Same person on Truth social complaining they can’t afford gas after spending 3k getting their car wrapped.

  8. That's the owner of the adult emporium. He doesn't allow masks inside. Even during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. He's a douche. Saw him yelling at a guy wearing a mask.

  9. That's funny considering there's strong support on the right to illegalize porn, adult entertainment and sodomy. Losing your porn shop to own the libs.

  10. I walked in there the other day and guy was bitching about student loan forgiveness and how people abuse them, I wanted give him my story and set him straight, but the more I listened the more I realized there’s probably a direct connection from ear to ear.

  11. Ah, that would be one of it not the nastiest place in San Diego. They have a peep show with some of the druggiest looking women in the back, will yell at you if you're wearing a mask, and are basically a front for a lot of prostitution activity if you read certain reviews and forums. Just look at the reviews

  12. I used to work on the same street. There's definitely also some nonsexual illegal activity going on in the parking lot next to the store. There'd always be a steady flow of cars going in and out of there all day & night, men and women of all ages, and people waiting in cars along the street getting approached by sketchy looking men.

  13. My scumbag husband was sneaking off to this place every single chance he had all through the pandemic including during lockdown. I had no fucking clue until I found the address in his maps. He swears he only went there for the peep shows. Yeah sure. I’ve read tons of reviews and stories of what really goes on there and I’m beyond devastated. He worked from home and would make up lies about why running a few errands would take so long, meantime I was home taking care of my old sick pug. I thought I was safe in my home but nope. I was married to a gross, creepy fuck who likes to pay money to wack off in a jizz booth while he put my life at risk. Reading comments like this makes my day. Divorce court can’t get here soon enough

  14. There’s a place right behind this that fixes guitars, and I’ve been pass this place enough to always feel slimey just rolling by it.

  15. that's the thing though, that's what they all are: cowards. fuck them. these people are so subservient it makes me ill just looking at them.

  16. Imagine spending that much money customizing your car to bash a president even die hard democrats are like, “meh he’s honestly not that great. Just happy he’s not trump.”

  17. And it’s decorated for someone who is likely to be a 1-term president too. Thousands of dollars to “covertly” say something that will literally be irrelevant after his term is over

  18. From red hats to vinyl wraps and refusal to wear a mask. Silver lining is that the stupid, sick and evil often mark themselves.

  19. Just laugh at the fact these people have absolutely nothing going on in their lives, so they love to pretend that they are fighting for a cause.

  20. These people are reactionary, Their whole existence is to piss you off and its working. To combat it you need to react to it less. These are the kind of people who unironically wave American flags and Russian flags at the same time because the Dems are sending aid to Ukraine when the GOP use to be the biggest anti-russian/china warhawks. Once you realize that their stance will change tomorrow on a dime if say the Dems started supporting Russia the quicker it will be for these people to fade away into dumbass history.

  21. Has anyone been inside this establishment? Over the 11 years I've been in SD, i've never gone to that strip club 1 time

  22. Someone who lives near me in a 3.5 million dollar house has one of these hanging out front. Way to make your luxury home look like a shithole

  23. Real GOP family values there. It’s crazy how trashy these people are. If I was a regular middle class conservative I’d be very embarrassed to be grouped together with people like this.

  24. As a 20 year Vet. This sickens me. Eff these LARPERS. Probably has a couple of AK's too. If they want to play military games. Join up. Otherwise. Your all posers.

  25. Interesting that there is some military theme. Whose kid served? Not his hero’s kids. Trying to place any kind of logic with these morons is futile.

  26. I saw this douche yesterday in Mission Valley. Made me do a serious double take that someone would proudly display what a loser they are.

  27. oh man the north park location (I think it's a chain, same AE logo and colors) is as sketchy as they come. I used to work the morning shift at a nearby business and I drive a truck that could look like a cop car based off the headlights. as soon as my lights would hit the place a group of 4 or 5 people that were huddled near the entrance would scatter and walk opposite directions, it seriously reminded me of the I am Legend zombies. They're doing something other than selling sex toys there

  28. I’ve been seeing stuff like this in San Diego which is disturbing. I know we have a lot of people coming in and out of the city and military folx, but lately they’ve been everywhere with their stupid “pro-life” signs in Mira Mesa and PHOTO! (Yes photo) just being pests outside of planned parenthood. The fucking audacity of these limp dicks. Like I wanna feel safe to get a regular check up and I have to show up to that bullsh*t? Wtf is going on? Why can’t they be banned?

  29. The real question is who would pay 10x more than the car's value to wrap it? That's like gold plating a turd.

  30. You can, by voting for whoever you like in the next election. Nothing wrong with that at all. You don't have to paint it on your car saying who you are or are not voting for either. That is what most of us do lol. Biden is a senile old man then you have the other guy. No idea what he'll I'm going to write on the next ballot..

  31. Agree. Joes made plenty of mistakes. Every president has. The difference is the maga crowd can’t admit to their guy ever making a mistake. No matter what they do.

  32. You can just go the sane, normal route and criticize his poor actions. Some hardcore Dems will think you’re a secret MAGA trying to destroy the party, but who cares at this point. We need to stop treating politics as a team sport, and we need to move away from being fans of politicians. I really don’t care anymore if some weirdos on Twitter with Biden fancams plastered all over their feed think I’m in love with Trump just because I call out Dems over their missteps. Normalize holding politicians accountable.

  33. the maga idiots managed to make it pretty easy. Grown adults can actually just say "Fuck Joe Biden", instead of having to have a code word like a 5 year old.

  34. He has a picture of a better car on his car!? With military silhouettes in a sort of modern Stalinist style??

  35. This dude’s a straight up loser and has been for over a decade. I’m surprised he hasn’t made it on here with his previous wraps.

  36. I like the Let’s Go Brandon movement has given so many of our nation’s less bright people a sense of identity and belonging. What I love about it is the fact that they decorate themselves so obnoxiously that you can see them about 300-400 meters away and just avoid them.

  37. When one party openly campaigns to white nationalists, Neonazis, and bigots it emboldens the worst of the lot. Although there isn't much separating this guy from the leaders of the party.

  38. Well, those politicians are white nationalists, neonazis and bigots, so it’s really a ‘birds of a feather, flock together’ situation. Trump was open about his beliefs which is why he is revered by these people.

  39. This person is hanging out at an “Adult Emporium” with “nude girls”. The “Let’s Go Brandon” decal feels fairly consistent with the whole vibe.

  40. How do shops like this even exist, with pornhub (for videos) and Amazon (for sex toys)? Is it the skeez factor, like jerking off in a booth or something?

  41. well it's parked next to an adult store so chances are there's about to be a big trump rally there. Anybody know if ritz-carlton pool cleaning is in the area?

  42. I've seen this car. They like to drive around North Park and Hillcrest on the weekends trying to get a rise out of people.

  43. Makes me think they aren’t paying enough in taxes. I would love to see if the owner of that car is a landlord spending peoples rent money on frivolous expenditures.

  44. This is the type of person that would visit this kind of shop(?) but then call a teenager a whore if she was wearing spaghetti straps.

  45. Dude got exactly what he wanted. A liberal meltdown every time y’all see his car. Bet he isn’t even that into politics just despises your ass lmao

  46. I know it’s probably an unpopular opinion but you could just ignore them instead of giving them more of the attention they crave by posting it on Reddit.

  47. Literally every subreddit based on a city has the same post. Shot of someone with a Trump sign/bumper sticker/whatever, and a caption that says “What’s wrong with our town?!”

  48. This is the type of person threatening civil war if Trump is indicted. The same type of person who absolutely refuses facts. I find this type of person tiresome.

  49. I don’t think anyone on the blue side would waste probably $3k wrapping their car for any political statement. Most you’ll get is a bunch of stickers given to them for free.

  50. I would be more embarrassed to be seen in that car than inside the Adult Emporium buying "things to do stuff with" 😂

  51. Like, if you’re going to invest money to make your car look as shitty and stupid as possible, why not just say Fuck you biden instead of this bizarre slogan that most people don’t even know.

  52. There is so much to unpack here. A "patriotic" wrap on a car that is considered a lowrider in my circles, and parked in a loading zone, in front of a strip club. If this doesn't scream East County I don't know what does! I'm sitting here just looking at this picture like WTF!

  53. If they really respected the flag, they wouldn't have used a stylized version of it to decorate a car.

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