Favorite Restaurant in San Diego?

  1. If you're in the mood for pasta, I highly recommend Cesarina, in Point Loma. I live down the street from Buona Forchetta in South Park and that was my long time favorite before going here last month.

  2. I’m looking at the menu and seeing 25$ for a plate of pasta and 6-7$ more if you want any meat. Yea that’s a gonna be a no.

  3. My favorite restaurant when I lived in SD was Buona Forchetta. I will have to visit Cesarina when I’m back if it competes with BF 😳

  4. Kensington just has some gems in general. I used to work at Bleu Boheme back in the day and loved that neighborhood.

  5. I like going to Killer Pizza from Mars. There’s one in Oceanside and one in Escondido. Pizza is pretty good but I like the atmosphere of those places.

  6. Alexis in hillcrest is the dude. Will give you a giant platter for like 8$ and the foods amazing.

  7. Sushi OTA, order the Omakase. Menya Ultra Ramen is great,too. Just make sure you go there when they open so you can get the braised chashu. They only prep enough too make 10 orders a night.

  8. IMO ota’s omakase is overpriced and over-hyped. Tadokoro, hidden fish, and matoi are all better options. Haven’t tried soichi but the michelin guide seems to think that’s better than Ota as well.

  9. Did they bring them back?!? Last time I went, they had taken it off the menu because of supply chain / costing issues! I’d looooove for it to be back!

  10. I highly recommend Wormwood in Northpark. Food is spectacular and they have an absinth centered cocktail program that is magnificant.

  11. fuck yes to this, I am obsessed with their tacos and tequila. Just so good, simple, clean, fresh flavors done extremely well.

  12. I like Dumping Inn. Chinese food and there's a bar with TV's if you watch sports. Pretty lively place in the evenings.

  13. I’ve tried Bronx Pizza on 3 separate occasions and it’s so overrated imo. The crust is so bland. I really wanted to like it

  14. Came here to say Izakaya Masa. I’m sure there are better restaurants, but whenever I’m in the area, I can’t resist this place. Honest, inexpensive Japanese pub food done very well.

  15. Izakaya masa in mission hills soooooo goooood!!! Long wait line though but bunch of Japanese tapas, sushi, ramen

  16. Poke Etc. in National City. I don’t live nearby but it’s worth the drive. Incredible Hawaiin style poke and awesome Ilocano/other Hawaiin foods.

  17. Bolsa restaurant in Mira Mesa. Family owned and operated since the 90s. Would be worth supporting for that reason alone seeing as how mom and pops are increasingly getting overshadowed by giant international chains but the food is delicious as well.

  18. Craft and Commerce. The French Fries with the Raclette cheese served table side was memorable and I can’t wait to eat again.

  19. Dude… Adrian’s surf and turf in Kearny Mesa, our office favorite. Reason why almost all their reviews are only 5 stars on Yelp, and they have hundreds

  20. Tacos El Gordo Chula Vista on B'way. Refills of Jamaica (ha my ca). Be bold and do NOT order the carne asada!

  21. TRUST!!! Such good flavor combinations. I used to say Kettner exchange but they’ve declined a bit. Not as consistent or delicious as they used to be.

  22. You're gonna hate me for this but I went there for the first time a couple days ago and thought their tacos were a 6/10 at best. Don't see what's great about them.

  23. The Crack Shack! I've been to a couple hundred restaurants around San Diego and that place is a go too for me and my girlfriend.

  24. Lion's Share, near (but not in) Seaport Village. The whole menu is superb, but they have the best burger in all of San Diego.

  25. It’s been a while since I had my favorite bowl of ramen, Santouka Toroniku Shoyu(Salt) Ramen. Order number 7 I believe. 🔥

  26. I just tried C Level the other day, and it's fantastic! Beautiful location down on Harbor Drive which is right by the water, great for a walk and a fantastic view of the city skyline, with great food and service, though admittedly a bit on the pricier side.

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