How do I go about trying to find a therapist? Never been to therapy before but with recent events happening in my life I definitely need to talk to one

  1. Also remember you are allowed to change therapists if after trying you dont click with the first one. Not all therapists are the same. Dont give up.

  2. has a Find a Therapist feature that's pretty good. You can filter by distance, insurance accepted, specialty, gender, etc. Then read their profiles and pick one that you like

  3. Hello!! I go to San Antonio Art Therapy!! If you aren’t creative or artistic at all, please don’t let that deter you, they do talk therapy as well!! I was very nervous at first, since I hadn’t done any art before & honestly it is so helpful!!!

  4. Be very wary of some of the homebrew psychiatrists here in Texas who will push you towards religion and make literally everything about faith and trusting in a higher power.

  5. If you see an LCSW their professional ethics forbid them from pushing their religious beliefs. LPCs however are allowed to offer faith-based services. I'm not sure about psychotherapists or psychiatrists.

  6. If you have insurance generally going through them you can find one that accept your insurance and they will help you with a list of them in the city near you.

  7. I go through counseling connections SA. It's my first and only experience doing therapy. I insisted on having someone non religious and lgbt friendly (entire goal was to find someone not religious, success).

  8. If you’re employed look into whether your job has an EAP program. Typically this allows you 5 free visits with a mental health therapist.

  9. For starters make sure whoever you go to is covered by your insurance, no need to add further stress to your situation. Second, try a few and find someone who clicks with you as that's what matters most.

  10. You can go to your primary care doctor and ask for one. And if that one isnt working out you can ask that therapist to help you find another one.

  11. My experience was it took two months to speak to someone and it was quick just for a preliminary diagnosis for insurance.

  12. First thing is check for benefits coverage - lot of companies offer free visits as part of their benefit package, which can save you quite a bit of money. In some cases, it's free visits per type of issue, so you can potentially get 20-30 visits a year without cost to you. They should have a locator that helps you to find providers that accept their coverage and should be able to tell you the process for getting setup.

  13. You could also try Better Help. You can do it all through your phone and there's tons of promo codes on podcasts and stuff like that.

  14. Also note, there is a difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist. Please learn that difference as it could be detrimental to your future care.

  15. If you’re open to recommendations, I went to Christine Smith when I was younger and she’s wonderful. It’s like talking with a friend when you’re in a session. She’ll never shame you or try to push her beliefs on you. She supports both lgbtq and veterans communities, if that means anything to you. Hope this helps :)

  16. If you have insurance, call them first. I had a mental breakdown many years ago, and in a moment of clarity called them, and they sent me a list of authorized therapists. It helped.

  17. I went to two counselors Margene Hartley and John Rangel. Both good. Also recently used the BetterHelp app and it seemed inexpensive and easy to get started.

  18. If you are going through insurance they should have a search function. If you are good with or prefer virtual appointments they don’t need to be in San Antonio, just the state of Texas.

  19. Sometimes it would take to visit different doctors until you find someone that you feel comfortable. I have been in therapy for over almost 15 years it took me 5 different doctors before I found one that I feel comfortable.

  20. If you want science based therapy, check out the Secular Therapy Project website. They vet their recommended therapists to make sure they won’t use pseudoscience or religious mumbo-jumbo on you.

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