Latinos of SA, what are your thoughts about the term Latinx?

  1. So, I guess this controversy arises from a misunderstanding of what, and how “Latino” is used. Latino is a word used in two different languages, nouns in Spanish are gendered, in English they are not. Latina doesn’t really exists in English. Latino means, in English, a person of Latin descent. But based on how it is gendered and Latin is already a word for a language, some white folk thought they might de-gender the noun to be more grammatically accurate. Kind of how people from Spain are Spaniards, not Spanish, and people from Finland aren’t Finnish but Finns. I don’t find it offensive, just out of touch, I usually rather call myself Hispanic, if possible Mexican, and as a last resort Latino (in Spanish).

  2. Personally I describe myself Hispanic and sometimes Latino. My family's been here in Texas since the 1800s and the non-latinos just called us all Mexicans (erroneously) and for the most part they still do. I don't use latinx and I don't know anybody that does actually. I only hear it on TV.

  3. I dislike it. I understand it's inclusive intention however feel that it's disrespectful to the foundation of the language.

  4. From my understanding is that it came from queer Latino groups in Cali and then people just ran w it. I first remember hearing it on Mitu YouTube channel.

  5. My paternal side of the family are all immigrants from Nicaragua! I rarely have ever even spoken to someone that’s from there outside of my family. I wouldn’t be shocked if my family has as little understanding of the word as I do.

  6. The only time Ive even heard it is when it's mentioned in news stories about the community not liking it and only being used by those people.

  7. The people I ser use it (in academic writing) are trying to acknowledge that latino and latina are different people, but wanting to be inclusive.

  8. The term is for anyone that wants to use it. For me, it’s a gesture to those than don’t identify as a Latino or Latina. It’s an acknowledgment. It’s the reason why I have my pronouns in my email signature at work. I don’t care what people call me, but I’d like people to know that I care about their identity. There are a lot of people that die by suicide because they’re afraid of existing. If changing a letter in a word can help someone, I will do it.

  9. Pretty much yeah. Well intentioned people who think they and using an "inclusive" term when no one included in the group it is supposed to describe uses it.

  10. Some gringo bullshit. I bet the mfs that use it don’t even speak spanish. Shit, real “latinos” just refer to their country because latam is too broad of a region to be categorized as one.

  11. I read an article the other day explaining that many languages have had masculine and feminine words at some point or another (English still has traces of this as well) and that language gender is completely different than sexual gender.

  12. Never heard anyone use it, I don’t care at all about the word. I have a feeling most Latinos can care less

  13. Pretty much. I’m from south Phoenix (18!years) and San Antonio (25 yrs). I don’t know any Hispanics who use that stupid shit. It’s white ppl pushing it and it’s taking away from real problems.

  14. Don’t care for it but if someone wants to be called that, I’m cool with it too. Seems to me that white people use it more and also white people get upset and call it woke.

  15. I’m all for being inclusive and respecting how people identify but I always thought that “Latin” was already gender neutral. I feel like “Latinx” is used by people or organizations that wanna seem inclusive. Edit: reading these comments, I’m glad we’re all on the same page. Even the white folks are like yeah that shit is dumb 🤣

  16. I don't like it for a few reasons. I don't understand the obsession with gender identity. You can be male who likes things that are outside of general male affinity. You are still male. To me, you are just a male that likes things outside of the norm. I am perfectly ok with that. Same with females. To me, the non-binary thing is more akin to calling someone by their astrological sign. It is impossible to know off a glance. Latinx to me is rather insulting that it insinuates we cannot distinguish between biology and personality.

  17. I'm tired of having to carry any kind of a label. I don't know a single person that would fit into that category who uses it. The only people I've heard use it are White people.

  18. It appears the primary problem with this is it is a label being applied to a people that they themselves didn't come up with. A secondary problem is there are two distinct interpretations of the term:

  19. They are using the English alphabet to change a Spanish word, if it made sense spelling and speaking in Spanish I think people wouldn’t hate it so much. Why can’t you drop the o or a and just say Latin.

  20. Why can’t we all just be people instead of having some type of dumb ass label. People seem to separate themselves with labels and colors. We’re all different no need to point it out every 10 flippin seconds.

  21. Not Latino but I’ve heard people say that the term “Latinx” is awful because it was created in predominantly white spaces and can’t even be pronounced in Spanish. Every I know who wants to be more inclusive, uses the term “latine”, which can actually be pronounced in Spanish and was created within the latine community who is being mindful of the gendering.

  22. I’ve never been called lantinx by any another actual Latino. I’ve always been called that by white people. I think it’s ridiculous and no one actually asked for it, except by non Latinos wanting to feel good about themselves.

  23. I taught in Del Valle, Texas. The word Hispanic was bad enough. The kids all called themselves Mexicans. Never heard the word Latino, Latina, etc.

  24. I prefer tacox to Latinx. So glad the old "taco" slur that used to start fights is now OK with the white crowd. I fell better when the white crowd tells me what's OK, I sleep better at night.

  25. It’s a bad term, I’m not offended by it, but I understand why many of us are offended. It’s forcing someone else’s ideas/language on us

  26. It’s one of the stupidest words that I’ve ever heard tried to be pushed on us. For the longest time I couldn’t even figure out how to pronounce it properly and said “lateenx” until someone who wasn’t Latino corrected me.

  27. I prefer latine. Apart from that, I use it to describe folks who are non-binary hispanic people to affirm their gender identities. If I were non-binary, I'd call myself latine. But I'm cis-gender female so I describe myself as latina.

  28. It’s whatever, let people do what they want, as long as they aren’t causing harm to others. imo, when someone starts telling me to use ‘latinx’, though, I use a quote from one legendary San Antonio man. His wise stoic words were…

  29. For what it's worth, I work for a tech company that has a bunch of employee-created affinity groups for different groups of people - Asians/Pacific Islanders, Black, LGBT, women, etc. One such group was created and organized by Hispanics/Latinos/South Americans. The group's literature uses Latinx, so it seems that at least these particular people choose to self-identity that way. Maybe others in the community don't like the term, but I haven't experienced the term being driven by whites.

  30. Hate it. The term never made sense to me. Just use Latino. If you wanna be gender neutral specific or something Latine is just fine, but “latinx” just doesn’t make any sense. I feel like “latinx” has just been imposed on the entire Latino community by non Latinos.

  31. I’m in San Marcos. I’m Hispanic and can speak and understand Spanish. I get why people don’t like it as it doesn’t roll off the tongue. I legitimately think Spanish is stupid for labeling everything male or female. Why is a chair feminine? That’s moronic , everyone can use a chair. I also think English is stupid because of its many rules. They’re, their , there , it’s its, and some people spell color and colour. I don’t think any language is best it’s all stupid for different reasons. So Latinx is supposed to be more inclusive because it doesn’t assume gender but it seems so alien and pretentious. I’m cool with trans people and non binary people so I understand the need for it for a neutral word. I rather it just be Latin than Latino or Latina or Latinx. I will purposely say the wrong el or la just to get people angry as I think it’s all stupid shit. Just like I’ll purposely say diez y cínco instead of Quince. Humanity needs to stop worrying about small things like rules of grammar and such. We have so many other problems to conquer why waste time arguing that a chair is masculine or feminine it’s just a fucken chair

  32. This is interesting. I’m a white guy who works in education. We’re specifically required to use Latinx in communications. Ironically enough, most of the administration at my school are also white men. So, it would seem once again that white men are defining another group’s culture.

  33. The woke crowd tries so hard yet they are a big reason democrats get their ass kicked. Ironically, the more wokeness they push, the more it plays into GOP hands who will take away all their freedoms they fight so hard for.

  34. its funny watching white liberals come up with names for other races because THEY feel its more inclusive lmao, judging by this thread the people using that word have never actually talked to people they are trying to refer to.

  35. No me gusta, no lo uso, no se puede pronunciar. Creo que los unicos que lo usan son pseudo-latinos que no saben ni hablar español.

  36. Personally I find it dumb as fuck. I'm a Mexican -American and I find it extremely patronizing just because a few fucking squeaky wheels don't like it. It's. Fucking language that's been around since time immemorial. I'm done walking on eggshells around people. And I'm really tired of telling me what I should fefer to my heritage NEEDS to be in order to not be hated

  37. im white but every latino I met says its fucking stupid shit that white people are pushing on them but isn't really wanted. Spanish language is centered around feminine / masculine words. all you woke folk don't understand how much the most of the world hates you. You sit here in Reddit, a liberal echo chamber and think everyone has the same opinion as you.

  38. Straight Gringo raised by Mexicans here and this is the stupidest most disrespectful thing I have ever heard of.

  39. My family is first gen and they all hate the term. Btw they vote Democrat. They think its insulting and quite honestly.... I agree

  40. I asked my wife since she is Mexican, she doesn’t have an opinion on the term (she is Latina, she says) but also doesn’t care if people use it as a gender non specific description. Since it doesn’t affect her she will use it if requested by someone like any pronoun choice.

  41. It's annoying and I HATE it, especially since it has academia origins. Don't get me wrong, I have a BBA & a BA so I'm not hating on academia for the hell of it but rather that if identifiers are going to change for any ethnic group then it should happen organically not from the ivory tower.

  42. Hate it. It's a term used by white people and the white media because they don't want to be "culturally insensitive" towards Latinos. Fuck that term and the people who made it

  43. I never knew a single Latino using the term Latinx (in my case from Houston) the term LatinX is used for snowflakes Leftist propagandists to create division (everywhere they can) in the Hispanic/Latino people but they are too based to care about stuff like this

  44. Knowing it's an attempt to try to de-gender a word that is inherently gendered so that it can be more inclusive helps the eyerolls, but we've never seen it used outside of headlines and academic papers.

  45. Like most things. It’s meant to be inclusive and isn’t hurting anyone. I’m fine with it. Who cares.

  46. Almost any and every Latino I know either doesn’t like the term, or just straight up doesn’t care for it. Nobody who is really Latino complains about being called Latino, we’re proud of it. No need to change that at all.

  47. It’s fucking derogatory and cringe af. I don’t care if you are white, black,yellow or brown, if you use that term in front of me or on me I automatically assume you are an attention seeking ignorant dumbass.

  48. In what way do you identify with your Navajo heritage more than your Hispanic heritage? Customs? Philosophy? Language? I'm genuinely curious.

  49. I'm just here to remind us that not all Latinos are Spanish speaking. I am Brazilian, I speak Portuguese and I am a Latin person. And I also think that Latinx is a whole lot of bs however, in the context of referring non-binary peeps I can see some sense...

  50. The only people that use it are the ones that get offended at everything. If they want to use it, I don’t care. But I’m not going to.

  51. I took a few Mexican American Studies classes in college and think its fine. I think people just like to find reaaons to be upset and a silly sounding add on to a word (such as Latinx) is as good as any to take a big ol dump on.

  52. It’s white woke universities pumping out this white washing non sense at the expense of Latino culture . It really needs to stop, Latino is already a gender neutral term anyway

  53. Spanish cannot be whitewashed, it can has been Anglicized, like most other words and names from other languages in the US.

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