Moved here 2 months ago, you guys were right.

  1. Bahahahaha. The merge to 281 from 410. I’m yelling zipper, zipper! One, two, one two. What the fuck are you braking for!?!?!

  2. I always likened it to shuffling a deck of cards, but I think I like zipper more now and intend to scream it instead. I feel it'll confuse the people on more than one level, and I feel good about that.

  3. I’m wondering if this is the fault of our drivers education? A couple hours of classes, a couple hours behind a wheel, and you get a license to drive a loaded weapon.

  4. You mean if I see a line of cars and no one in the merge lane I’m not supposed to drive to the front and force someone who’s been waiting like a good driver to let me merge? /s

  5. Let me tell you another truth that may be controversial, the worst drivers have the CBC bumper sticker on their car. Those are the ones that don’t turn left even though it’s on a yield light, will drive slow in the left lane, will stop instead of merge, and will turn out in front of you without having room to do so.

  6. My elderly aunt went to that church for awhile and she is a total a-hole. She reported several businesses over the years when she suspected they were “hiring illegals.” She went super hard for trump and I haven’t seen her since.

  7. I have noticed that the bigger more obnoxious trucks on the road literally will try and force you out of the way just for the sake of it even if you are going well over the speed limit, it's like it gives them gratification or something knowing they are bullying people.

  8. While that is true, I’ve been behind a driver at a YIELD sign who has stopped for a good 5–10 seconds with no traffic coming off the exit on more than one occasion in San Antonio.

  9. The problem is that drivers in San Antonio stop when they don’t “have to.” As a good defensive driver, as I’m approaching a yield sign, I’m looking ahead. Are there cars coming? Will the cars in front of me need to stop? Will I need to stop? What factors in the traffic pattern could change that? When the cars in front of me then stop when they didn’t need to, all of that analysis has gone out the window. All the safety I was putting in place for myself and others has gone out the window. Not only do I have to slam on my brakes to keep from hitting a car who stopped unpredictably, but the cars behind me do too. Add in that we now have to try to move beyond the yield sign from a complete stop rather than with a rolling start, we’re putting the traffic to which we are yielding at greater risk too.

  10. While I agree with most of what you said, sometimes you absolutely have to stop at yield signs when there is no option. You can’t just drive into a line of cars that have the right-of-way. If there’s a lane to creep along until there’s an opening, then yes, there’s no need to stop.

  11. If you don’t get someone who don’t know how to yield, or a huge truck up your tailasspipe.. then it’s someone doing fucking 40 in the far left lane… OHHH and not forget then proceed to cross 3 lanes to get off at THIS EXIT RIGHT NOW. Fuck, just go down and turn around. Risking everyone’s lives around you and your own for a few mins. Yeah. Fuck you. Horrible drivers. Lived here a long time, my road rage has never been so bad. It’s like everyone forgot how to drive during quarantine.

  12. Where I just moved from in Kentucky I thought the same thing that driving around the town got way worse after the quarantine.

  13. California solved this problem by having 'almost' no yield signs. I would say no yield signs because I think in 30 years I might have seen one, but it's literally just the slightest hint of the vaguest recollection of what might have possibly occurred. (Hope that satisfies the smug pedantic mfers with poor reading skills).

  14. I'm not going to lie I'm up 7 lb haha. But my wife is Mexican, and most of her family is straight from Mexico so I'm used to very authentic Mexican food so I'm still trying to get used to tex Mex. I'm missing authentic a Mexican food just a bit haha.

  15. It’s so funny when folks are new here and say “the drivers here are bad.” It’s like a domino affect. Here’s the thing… one in there vehicle knows where the guy next to him is from. So in reality even “you” are now from here according to each new person that sets foot on the highway here. Folks try to point out drivers in San Antonio as being bad but the news flash is “your a San Antonio driver too” lol. So what does that mean 😂. Your in the club now so I suggest you start stopping at yield signs too lol. J/k

  16. was talking to a trucking instructor and I think he put it down pretty well, since san antonio is growing so quickly with a ton of different people coming in from different places, they pretty much import their areas driving style and they don't mesh so well so you end up with what we got.

  17. I might be on the opposite side here but I would rather people stop at yield signs then completely blow thru them causing a near death experience to the other driver.

  18. I truly have enjoyed my time here so far and I'm looking forward to exploring the city more when my family gets here! I had some friends in Louisville Kentucky that were from San Antonio and they absolutely loved it here.

  19. I learned to drive in Houston, and just drove back into SA today from visiting there. The drivers there are ruthless.

  20. Wait till you come across people doing a slight turn on 1604, they come to a near complete stop to ensure they can turn the steering wheel 1degree at 65mph

  21. All the idiots driving 5-15 miles under the speed limit and the dumbasses that want to enter the highway going 30-40 mph piss me the fuck off.

  22. Stopping at yield signs is a long time San Antonio thing. My grandmother moved to San Antonio from kerrville in the 1930’s and said that’s always been a thing. She died about 14 years ago. (She died from old age, not from stopping at yield signs.)

  23. You have to yield to others of there are others on the street without a yield sign. If they want you to stop, they would have used a stop sign.

  24. It's the stopping at yield signs while running through stop signs. Also people entering freeways expecting everyone already on it to yield to them.

  25. I moved here about 20 years ago. I think the reason why people stop at yield signs is because the exits off of the 410 to the access road used to have yields on the access road. So people would come flying off the highway and you had to be extremely careful not to get taken out if you were traveling along the access road.

  26. At my mom’s funeral (2013), I quoted something from my little sister: “My mom is the type that stops at yellow lights.” I think that says as much about my sister as it did my my mother.

  27. H-E-B has my loyalty. When hurricane Harvey took out Rockport they were there first giving out free food. It was H-E-B, the National Guard, and various volunteer groups. But mostly H-E-B. My kids work for them and they have excellent insurance and give a pretty hefty discount to employees on store branded groceries. And they are excellent places to shop.

  28. Sometimes you have to stop at a yield sign to "yield" to the oncoming traffic and wait for a break in the traffic. I hope you're not saying you fly through them without checking first for oncoming traffic.

  29. Because half the people living in san antonio are too lazy to learn English, and clearly don't know the driving rules, but 60% of people on the road here don't have drivers licenses. Soooo

  30. Driver licenses in Texas are a joke. If you are able to drive around the block you can get one. Driver licenses in most US states are jokes.

  31. we live in houston but my mom grew up in san antonio, so whenever we visit we just love it there. everything seems more chill, relaxed, and the people seem nicer there, its not AS fast pace as houston so i guess thats why everyone doesn’t drive like a bat out of hell there

  32. HEB is indeed great. I mostly buy their in-store brands now. Excellent selection from Central Market to HEB Plus to the smaller neighborhood HEB that I go to a lot.

  33. I've seen them slow and stop for greens. They consistently leave a turn only lane at the last minute with no signal. They'll drive 60mph in a 40 and 40 to merge onto a 65 mph highway. Basically they're braindead assholes that drive as if they don't want to get to where they're going.

  34. San Antonio Kryptonite: yield signs and crosswalks. The amount of times I've witnessed someone walk up one sidewalk, cross the street 3 car lengths before the crosswalk, then continue up the other side is truly mind blowing. I have seen people wait at an intersection for the walk sign, then walk between the bumpers of cars to the other side. San Antonio has so many pedestrian deaths every year. A large portion of this is the lack of sidewalks and other safety measures to make this a more walkable city, but people die all the time from randomly walking across a six lane, 45 mph road. Doesn't have to be that way.

  35. You’re supposed to only go when it’s safe to do so and if that means you gotta stop you gotta stop. where did you learn yielding means zippering in? that seems way more dangerous here with Texas drivers..

  36. It's truly entertaining being in an 18 wheeler fully loaded . People don't know how close they come to death when they whip over and slam on breaks in front of you. Big trucks don't stop like your little car does.

  37. I tell everyone I know to buy a dashcam...$100 bucks now can save you thousands later. It's not if it's when!

  38. I find that the lines on the road separating lanes in San Antonio are very difficult to see compared to Florida and I think that contributes to the driving issues. I found myself trying to figure out if I was on a road with 1 or 2 lanes often

  39. I don't love HEB, its that there is no other options close by. When I lived near the Great Lakes, Wegman's was the shit. Not only you could shop there but you could get a nice hot meal.

  40. Can we talk about zipper merge? Why does our state not educate drivers on what a zipper merge is?? Use up ALL lanes until they come to an end! It never fails though — the “hero” driver in that long-ass lane of fools ends up moving their vehicle over just enough so as to BLOCK the drivers who are actually doing what they’re supposed to be doing!! It is maddening. If you see a sign that says “right lane ends up ahead”, stay in that lane UNTIL IT ENDS. If you’re one of those in the left, you’re SUPPOSED to let people in. LIKE. A. ZIPPER.

  41. Except drivers in the lane being merged into (like on a freeway) have the right of way being established on the road at high speeds.

  42. I don’t know where else you’ve lived, but I moved to WA state for a while and the whole time I lived there I couldn’t find a decent grocery store. I had to go to two different stores, one for affordable packaged goods that didn’t have good fresh food and a different store for my fresh stuff whos packaged stuff was too expensive. So I missed H‑E‑B a lot.

  43. For me they just have a larger selection of pretty much everything inside of the store compared to what I'm used to. I'm used to just a few options.

  44. Did anyone else hear the "get a rope..." phrase from the Old El Paso commercials when they read this?

  45. I feel like I see a lot more slow drivers than fast drivers. Like people going 5-15 mph slower on the highway. Extremely frustrating

  46. You do realize that you are supposed to stop at yield signs if it's not safe to proceed.....right? That's driving 101. The problem is the number of yield signs in the absolute worst places. It doesn't make sense for the speed limit to be 50 but out of nowhere throw a yield sign at me for traffic coming off the highway, that's usually going 60+ still.

  47. I personally just moved here recently and the terrible driving is ridiculous here... folks here will jump across all lanes last minute to make an exit, then all of a sudden decide that's not their exit and jump back across all lanes!!!!...... im one who stop at the yield and although I know yur not suppose to.....the merge lanes here are unbelievably short, and if you ever put a blinker on no one moves over even though they have plenty of room too.I found if you use a blinker people speed up like "Noooooo your not gettin in this lane this is my lane I own this road!!!".... Legit worse drivers I've ever encountered are in SA. Worse part is when u slide in a open spot these entitled idiots start yelling at you like your the problem.....the level of ignorance is beyond me here I can see why so many roadrage incidents happen here.

  48. I stop to make sure the cars are stopped at their stop light or slow enough that I can accelerate to not worry about an accident then I go. I’ve been in an accident here, and I’m even more careful with driving than I was before. I prefer my dad’s flashy BMW with the dual turbo engine so I can accelerate faster when turning onto another road because I’m terrified of getting into another accident. I’m absolutely paying attention to horsepower when I look for a car, driving can be either calming or terrifying.

  49. I moved here from Boston, which has some pretty jerky drivers combined with terrible roads and confusing signs. It's like a whole nother country in Texas. I actually feel unsafe as a passenger.

  50. Is it true about everyone taking their dogs everywhere/even into grocery stores too? I’ve been considering moving to San Antonio in the next couple of years and read that a few times on here.

  51. I think HEB is so over priced. I miss having multiple grocery stores to choose from that had competing pricing

  52. So far, besides the craziest heat I've ever experienced in my life, I do. Everyone seems to be friendly, more places to eat then I could shake a stick at, and there seems to be plenty to do around here. My wife and 1-year-old daughter will be joining me in a week and a half here, so I can't wait to go out and explore with them.

  53. That's because they don't know who's supposed to yield. Besides it's a farmer word meaning "bushels per acre." The most infuriating traffic sign is "yield to the ramp." Texas drivers think that means all lanes of the frontage road all the way to the handicapped parking space.

  54. What pisses me off is the way they MERGE INTO YOUR LANE AT A STOP LIGHT WITH NOOOOO TYPE OF SOACE BETWEEN YOU AND THE CAR IN FRONT. Happens when going to Six Flags. Like I’m close to kissing bumpers and you think NOW is a great time to come in my lane ?? At a STOP LIGHT???!! They’re AWFUL drivers in San Antonio. I HATE going there now🙄🙄🙄

  55. It's the drivers crossing 2-3 lanes to exit at the literal exit with no regards to anybody behind them that get to me the most. Either highway or a McDonalds, they'll cross in front of you from the clear non-turning lane next to you.

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