What’s your favorite H‑E‑B product? H‑E‑B has lots of great products, which new or old has always been the best to you!

  1. Pretty much any of their meal simple entrees. As a single dude, they really come in clutch with those things. I just wish every store had the selection of some of the more affluent-location stores. Also, after seeing how they handled the pandemic, no one can say a bad thing about them

  2. I totally understand the convenience of them. Just remember that you are paying a pretty good price for that convenience. Even things like the shredded chicken are super expensive compared to prepping it yourself. $7 for a small container whereas $7 of chicken breast could net you probably 10 containers.

  3. From the Midwest so I'm not familiar but I do know that the Best coffee place for me would be Viking Cafe? I don't quite remember the name, it's around University of Incarnate word! It's very sweet, and personally the iced vanilla latte! But the food is delicious as well. -- just A little hole "in the ground" that I love

  4. Could you give more details about this? I tried to search for it in the H‑E‑B app but I’m not seeing anything. Thank you 🙏

  5. Some stores still have them. Mine (281/Evan’s) has a pad Thai and fried rice bowl station. You pick your proteins and they make it for you on the spot.

  6. I was going to the chinese kitchen back around 2005(?) at bandera/410 and they were "closed" with employees blocking off the entrances, etc. Was like 1pm on a Tuesday or something so it was weird. Turns out they were just robbed by a guy that was featured on America's Most Wanted few days later for robbing the armored car drops at grocery stores. He would walk through the store hitting everyone nearby with bear mace. He had killed a security guard at another grocer in Houston or Dallas few days before.

  7. I straight up eat the insides of the French bread first, then use the rest of it for sandwiches haha best when freshly hot

  8. HEB's diet coke with lime and diet Wild Red. Even without the cost savings I still prefer them over the major brands.

  9. Thank you so much for this! I just moved here and one of the things no one warns you about moving is the struggle to find a new grocery store. H‑E‑B is great, but there’s A LOT going on, so I’m definitely taking notes!

  10. Texas pecan coffee, especially the cold brew concentrate. Pair it with some Vanilla Mootopia... Can't live without it.

  11. Swoon Ice cream is my all time favorite. I recommend it to everyone that moves here. My favorite one is the cookie lovers one

  12. So Flo pizza is amazing, we got it for my daughter’s birthday party and people were shocked to find out it came from a little pizza shop within an H‑E‑B. I feel like the Leon Springs H‑E‑B can be a little lacking, but at least we have So Flo lol

  13. Their peanut butter is smackin. But really I buy everything HEB. Even have a damn HEB toothbrush. Their TP and paper towels aren't so great though, ngl.

  14. Ours is called “southern flo” or something like that. It’s 😋 tho. Well idk if midtown is made in store but ours is.

  15. I love Texas Toast and they seem to be the only brand that makes this thick toast that I can easily find. Not only that but of course they are cheaper than name brands.

  16. The H‑E‑B brand coconut milk is 2.50 and it’s so much better then any of the ultra high end milks from Whole Foods

  17. I just want to say, I LOVE H‑E‑B! I didn’t realize it until I moved to a city without an H‑E‑B, and I seriously had a breakdown because the only grocery places they had were either bougie groceries places or Safeway & Fiesta. I moved back to SA 2 years after that. LOL

  18. Their ice cream. Their flaming hot bird rotisserie. Their charcoal brand is decent. Their tortillas. Oh yeah their volcano sushi roll is the best ever. I can continue but will keep this short list

  19. Big Chip cookies are the best supermarket cookies I’ve ever had. Close in second are their version of the Sandy cookie

  20. I haven’t seen them in a while but the glazed croissants were the BEST! And their brand of Fritos, I prefer them over the real stuff, esp. the bbq flavor Fritos 🤤

  21. Three words: H-E-B Chewy Bars, but the specific flavor is Cranberry, Raspberry, White Chocolate. When I first tried them it was instant love, and I continue to buy them two boxes at a time during each H-E-B visit.

  22. Spinach dip, Chicken poblano pasta meal simple, Pork carnitas meal simple, Carne guisada, Butter tortillas, Mixla tortillas, Mootopia, HEB Whole Milk, Any of their coffees, The squeezable fruit pouches, Fire roasted salsa near the pico de gallo in the fruit section, Kitty litter, Their mineral water, The bbq sauces they make, Salad kits, Chocolate bars like the pistachio and caramel ones

  23. They sell a box of fideo with seasoning mix (near the rice a roni kind of stuff) and it’s delicious! I add veggies, beans, or shredded chicken to make it a one pot meal.

  24. The Skillet Queso Chex mix Most of the fun seasonal potato chip flavors Mexican hot chocolate ice cream The HEB coffee is also awesome.

  25. They recently released regular twisters meant to mimic oreos (not like hometown twisters or macchiato flavored, just regular flavored) and they sre delicious. They only use natural ingredients and no high fructose corn syrup, which imo makes them taste better than oreos.

  26. Central Market Duplex Crème Sandwich Cookies The filling doesn’t leave a film like Oreos They are not in the cookie section at the Alon market

  27. Heb frozen brand king ranch chicken, lasagnas, Mac and cheese, and carne guisada. If you are at work, or don't want to cook they are great. Also wild red ice cream and soda are my guilty obsession

  28. The central market organic plain soy milk at heb plus. I suffered from bad acne for a long time until I decided to quit dairy and this small change made a huge impact on my skin without needing to spend a lot of money on dermatologist visits or products. It also really helped me to lose weight in a healthy manner. Highly suggest this product if your having similar issues it really is easy to get used to and you will see changes in a matter of a few days. Give it a try.

  29. The pumpkin pie is honestly bussing at times… The fresh tortillas great by themselves or with whatever. Simple meals is alright, sometimes a bit under seasoned because they’re probably aiming for “healthy” The true Texas bbq can be a hit or miss at times. The H‑E‑B gas station is luxurious, especially the taco shop inside of it and the big restrooms…

  30. When they had Chinese food. DeZavala store had that and made the weekends the best. Shrimp friend rice and fish were so good. I miss that (they have brought back the shrimp fried rice in a different store).

  31. It's a Central Market label, but their Regions of Italy pasta sauce has been phenomenal. We visited northern Italy a while back and these sauces are just spot on, the Emilia-Romagna rustic bolognese tastes like stuff we found in small little family run restaurants in the area. Really does make me think they have some nonas imprisoned on an assembly line somewhere churning it out.

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