Out of every character to become obsessed with, fall in love with, and stage a fake marriage with... Squidward?

  1. It reminded me of that one episode where SpongeBob slams doors against squidwards face and he becomes ✨handsome✨ (obviously real gs know that squidward is the epitome of beauty at all times anyway...)

  2. Is this even real? Seems like satire. Not to be shallow but her figure/height are within the range of “you’re not going to end up with a blow up doll.”

  3. It's real, I remember this girl very well. She was a frequent poster and very very serious about it. She had the life-size Squidward custom-made. I think she explained her sexual orientation as some sort of object sexuality that just happened to be targeted towards Squidward, she wasn't interested in irl people. She actually seemed like a pretty smart and really nice person and as weird the whole Squidward thing is I just always thought, to each their own.

  4. He's dreamy, and the way he has to suffer from Spongebob's and Patricks shenanigans every day when all Squidward wants is some peace and quiet and love and respect is relatable to pretty much everyone. She has good taste.

  5. I mean, have you ever seen anyone as handsome as this guy. Plus... Tentacles. They do more than what regular people are capable of.

  6. Pretty interesting how little attention this post has gotten. If it was a man with a body pillow there’d be much more traffic

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