Can YouTube couples go one video without these horrible thumbnails, especially under this type of circumstance?!

  1. "That's it for this video. Don't forget to absolutely DEMOLISH that like button and tune in next week, where our daughter will be losing her leg because it's necrotic"

  2. It is really life changing and terrifying when something like this happens. You think you are safe and can be private at least in your own head, but instead you get this silent invader, not unlike how your ISP can watch everything you do online on your mobile, pc, laptop or television, but thanks to today's sponsor, NordVPN, we at least can be assured, that our, and your digital life, remain private!

  3. What’ll really make you cringe is that the thumbnail is obviously a photo they had to set up for. And that there were probably multiple takes. “Ooh, move the tissue box to the left.” And they probably broke pose between each shot 😂

  4. Yeah… “look a bit more upset babe”… “ok, you look a bit more stoic and serious” It’s bloody embarrassing.

  5. It’s disgusting what these parasites will go through to get a good thumbnail. Remember this influencer whose puppy just died and then forced her son to cry on command in a particular way for a thumbnail?

  6. Sometimes i watch these kind of vloggers out of morbid curiosity, and it really js just so... Weird and uncanny. Like whatever they do their whole thought process boils down to "how can i make content out of this", instead of enjoying whatever situation they are in for what it is. It's like they are never truly present in the moment, instead they are always wondering about how to create more content... It's kind of scary to me, i could never become a influencer.

  7. I'd like to think they've just intertwined their lives with youtube so much that they genuinely think this should be a part of that, or that their fans deserve to know, or some shit.

  8. I mean with how ridiculously expensive the US healthcare system is, I understand feeling the need to monetize stuff like this, assuming it's true and not click bait.

  9. I blame the audience. If no one watched this kind of crap, it wouldn't make money, and therefore it wouldn't exist.

  10. I have tumors in my head and am fine. and will be fine unless i'm not. Not every tumor is cancer

  11. I got a chrome extension that replaces thumbnails with something from the video. Makes things better.

  12. I used to work with a guy who was totally into Hollywood gossip and drama. He knew it all. The information he had stored was off the charts. And there's millions like him, that live and breath the seedy side of Hollywood. To them, those Housewives shows are to my friend like wrestling is to a diehard wrestling fan.

  13. Glamorized YouTube/TikTok lives. My guess is teenage girls love this sort of content, and end up wanting the exact same thing: marriage at 20, 2 or 3 kids by 22, while posting all of it on social media.

  14. he said on a website where people watch some white 21 year old dude play computer games for hours while not having a single exciting thought to share.

  15. I took the hit and checked. It's pituarity gland tumor, which, while possibly dangerous, is most likely non cancerous and easily removable.

  16. My friend had/has one of those. She had surgery twice and now the growth is controlled with medication. It's a pain in the ass but she never feared for her life.

  17. Still not good news but they are defenitly milking the story out. To be fair a lot of “content creators” are kinda trapped into their job. Once they start doing it full time its really hard to switch back to a old job. Both because they often lack the skills, knowledge and experience but also because one quick google search shows their whole life. A lot of the shit is filled with stuff that a employer finds a bit less appealing (depends on the channel but the lower the views get the more stupid stuff they do the bigger the hole gets).Basicly it means that they will have to pick a low minium wage job that nobody else wants.

  18. Something has changed recently where my YouTube homepage is showing me nothing but junk like this, corporate bullshit, and rap videos from shitty SoundCloud rappers. No matter how many times I click don't show this don't recommend this channel, I still get it. It's actually turning me off YouTube.

  19. Just watched the video, the doctor states that it has grown a lot in a year and should therefore be removed. He talks like it's not something to be very much worried about right now, but it could develop into a cancer if not treated. I would also be pretty scared if I knew something was growing inside my brain, and the title isn't actually clickbaity. But it is extremly weird to me that anyone would post the entire conversation with their doctor for their audience, and afterwards talk about how important it is for them to be there for their fans.

  20. "So yeah, we're gonna make it through this, but please press the bell icon for notification, subscribe and add a comment on why you think Montana should make it through this"

  21. My wife watches these kind of bloggers and my son watches gamers on twitch and honestly I'm worried for both of them. Theyre both letting real friendships fall by the wayside

  22. I always feel kind of weird about how judgemental I am of people who watch this stuff but really I can't understand it. It does seem harmful to get into these one-sided relationships with internet personalities.

  23. “Montana only has 5 months left to live but make sure you SMASH that subscribe button and straight up DESTROY that like button with notifications on! Love you guys!”

  24. Eugh Man why can't we get some phones out to a country where people who deserve the attention more would actually get it. Make some sad posts and make money too.

  25. Apparently it works on you since you keep clicking it. I have literally 0 of these kinds of videos recommended to me. So it's your own fault.

  26. Montana has got to be the worst name. This is probably God's punishment. Or maybe his haircut could be either

  27. This is so sad. Don’t forget to subscribe and smash that like button and we’ll see you in the next video.

  28. This thumbnail and the ungodly amount of attempts it probably took to 'get just right' honestly makes me hope the tumour reks them both.

  29. Here is the the thing, as much cringe as this is you also have to look at the people craving such content. Just look at those numbers. And it's all about market demand. Till there's a demand for it the product will exist. Yes i called it a product cause that's what it is.

  30. Crazy people living their life like an open wound. Lunatics care more about internet popularity than anything else. Losing their fucking humanity.

  31. Seniors have always given next generations a hard time as social norms slide and cultures change...but I can't help but think this is a warranted exception.. gen z is honestly a fuck up. Most millennials would gag when they see shit like this and they're the closest perspective.

  32. Okay but.. what kind of thumbnail should they put then? A big shocked face with an arrow? I think this is kinda mild

  33. “Hey guys just found out I have cancer so don’t forget to click that subscribe button and turn on that bell, leave a comment down below if you’ve ever had cancer too!”

  34. Hey man, if you actually have a tumor in your head you should be allowed to make a video about it. Sap it up too.

  35. Ever since I saw that woman force her son to pose for the thumbnail when their dog was sick at the vets I don't trust any thumbnails.

  36. They just look like they are acting, and it takes away from the very serious subject in their title.

  37. Batman 2022 would be a story about a child who parlays their parents brutal murder into a lucrative tiktok account.

  38. Are you mad at the thumbnail or just youtubers? Should it be a happy, smiling thumbnail about her tumor? Are you just mad they posted something in general? Whats going on, champ

  39. Yeah I was wondering what thumbnail do they want them to put out? Not like it's good news and could literally be a picture from the video (no idea I didn't watch it)

  40. Low key it's how they get money which In turn would help them which is not their fault , none of this is anyones fault it's who made these apps

  41. I hope she was just as onboard with this video if not more. If he’s the one orchestrating this for views that’s disgusting.

  42. I hate how I'm getting spammed with people having breakups lately. I do not give a single fuck who breaks up with his girlfriend, and who doesn't. Why would you even make videos about that?

  43. Lol I saw a video of a YouTubers desk setup. He had a schedule for the whole day. 1 hour was for creating a thumbnail 😂

  44. "My girlfriend has tumer in her head but before that a word from our sponsors raid shadow lagends"

  45. No cause people like you clearly dont understand that this video alone already pays their entire month of bills.

  46. They're monetizing their lives as a job anyway, of course they'll do this? And that's what their viewers want. Just ignore it.

  47. Nothing is sacred to these people. They have to air out every last facet of their lives. Gotta get those views.

  48. I saw something on Reddit the other day where a girl was live streaming either driving or as the passenger in a car crash with her sister

  49. This "content" is gross. Reminds me of that video of a woman telling her kid to cry for the camera. I think she was meant to upload the clips between, but it shows how vile and manipulative they are just to get what they want.

  50. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if by the end of that video it actually wasn't a tumor and she just had a headache and they celebrate with a meal from Chipotle.

  51. People like this are gone beyond saving… the kind of people that would lose the plot if they turned their phone off for 5 minutes.

  52. How do you even have YouTube couples in your recommended. You are doing something wrong. Life is better when you don't even know this content exists

  53. If these thumbnails are habitually an issue, then you’re part of the problem. Those algorithms don’t run blindly.

  54. Firstly you have to make the video, with camera setup and lighting, then you have to film it, fuck ups and all. Then edit it, taking out the not soppy enough parts, then you have to pose for the thumbnail to make it look extra sad. All with the intention of views to make money. Absolutely bizarre, I’ll never get these kinds of people. I mean they’re clearly playing the game and have probs earned more this month than I have in a year but still, having zero shame pays I guess.

  55. "Haha guys no we was just kidding we just wanted to give you a lil surprise. That's it for this video and we'll see you tomorrow. Love you fam!"

  56. What kind of nonsense are you watching where this type of person/content comes up in your feed? I feel this is partially your fault for consuming such dribble.

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