why do people think sabaton glorifies war and think that they are nazis?

  1. It is pretty simple: Sabaton writes songs from different historical perspectives, and their music is intended to be exciting. If all you heard was “Ghost Division”, you would think that Sabaton was all excited about the Nazi invasion of France, and thus were Nazis themselves.

  2. I think a lot of the Nazi aspect is they see some of the song titles out of context and then just assume and never actually look into it. The glorifying war aspect is likely for the same reason

  3. Because they focus on one half of their music and ignore the other. Yes ghost division and bismark exist but so does reign of terror and 7734 (I think that's the right one- it isn't).

  4. Because people are dumb. Hell when i was in school i had an interest in learning Russian and German and people thought i was either a Nazi or communist over it. Some people just have their heads to far up their ass

  5. Super true. A while ago I tried learning Russian (gave up) and now I'm learning german, and the instant I mutter a single word in Deutsch everyone around me in school calls me "Russian Boy". People can be idiots.

  6. I read a book called making bombs for Hitler and got called a nazi. So It is just people looking at the surface and not the context of the song

  7. The only reason I can think of, is that maybe the line "what about the men executing orders" in Wehrmacht could be seen as promoting the "clean wehrmacht"-myth, but even if you believe that to be so, it is way too little to be called nazis or war mongers over.

  8. One guy once told me that he doesn't like sabaton cause everyone who is nazi listens sabaton. He also said that not everyone sabaton listener is nazi. I was just cool story bro why should I care.

  9. If I had to guess it come from a fundamental misunderstanding. Some people seem to think that talking about the accomplishments of someone who did a lot of bad things is glorifying the bad things. Then we have the effect of the spotlight effect. The people who believe they glorify fascism only focus on songs like Ghost Division. Well completely disregarding something like Primo Victoria.

  10. Because many Sabaton fans are wehraboos. Many are not as well but to a certain degree how fans think rub off on how the band looks.

  11. Well a lot of people see them writing songs about war, see that those songs obviously make them money, and assume that it's them monetizing war, which obviously isn't true. And there's 2 major reasons that people may think they're Nazis when they aren't. The first being that they have a lot of songs about world war two, and therefore some of those songs talk about the third Reich. And the second, less obvious answer is that unfortunately, plenty of metal communities aren't exactly strangers to far right Nazi sympathizers. While it's often in the more extreme metal scene, less heavy bands have been associated with neo-nazi or neo-confederate influence. Sabaton obviously isn't a neo Nazi or neo confederate band, but I can't exactly blame people for thinking that at first glance.

  12. Because most people that's don't like sabaton are American, you know, they guy who are serious when they tell you that's they never need help, beating the English during the American revolution, or the country that's lost again Afghanistan.. And because sabaton tell them they loose, the other one are kinda angry.. How dare you share true stories and not the storie we want... Even as a French, I'm disappointed when they don't make a sont about French, but lmao american is far worst.. ' (not all Americans, but a majority as I saw, so please, don't downvote)

  13. I think people hear Hearts of Iron and either dont believe in 'just following orders absolves the German general populace of most/all of their guilt and complicity in Nazi war crimes', which is a position I can understand as I only half-buy it, or they hear it and don't know or don't bother checking for any other songs that have/mention the Nazis because if they did they would find that every other song that mentions the Nazis paints them as the ultimate evil group.

  14. Speaking as a globalist neolib, i don't think they are. And if they were still tbh i wouldn't care that much. Sometimes enjoy the life instead of politics.

  15. I agree with the other commenters that people holding those views don't probably know a lot of Sabaton songs. In general I think Sabaton songs could be divided into three camps:

  16. People confuse Rammstein too, I'm sure 😅 I think someone might assume "Nazzzty" for a band like Sabaton probably because of the themes of WW2, Joakim and the bands clothing style, probably the tank on stage. In reality though, there's no "Nazzz-ism" at all On Stage. It must be a naive correlation "WW2 = Nazi Germany"

  17. Fun fact, I actually wrote an essay for my political rhetoric class about this and argued that Sabaton was actually a misunderstood anti-war band

  18. Cause the weak minded peasants what to feel like they are apart of something. So get behind nazi =bad bandwagon. And since they actually think they understand the cause they will lash out at any mention of the word without question because nazi =bad. So damaging more to the cause then proactively stopping the real idea from spreading

  19. Cause it's a meme. Just like the meme of people posting that they're banned from metalmemes, only the Nazi one is funnier

  20. A lot of folks forget angel of death by slayer is about Joseph Mangela, the mad nazi scientist that butchered and sewed together children in auschwitz. It's easy to pick on power metal cause it's "lame" and we power metal fans look pretty easy to push around.

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