What Sabaton song is your favorite Sabaton song (my favorite is either Aces in Exile, Panzerkampf, or Burn in Hell)

  1. I like Night Witches a lot, Heroes is definitely my favourite album. Night Witches is their heaviest to me.

  2. For me it's definitely The Price Of A Mile and Chirstmas Truce. They are so tragic that they could bring a tear to your eye. I likenthe bangers too, but nothing hits hatder than a little Metal Ballad.

  3. Resist and Bite, The Red Baron, No bullets fly, The Last Stand of the Swiss Guard, To Hell and Back, Rorke's Drift, Ghost Division, Primo Victoria, Bismarck, Dreadnought, Poltava, Swedish Pagans and finally Defense of Moscow

  4. Man, a difficult question... I love all songs, their stories and melodies. And since I have to choose, my top 5 would be:

  5. The Hammer Has Fallen for sure. I love all their songs, but this one is my favorite. I wish they’d remaster it like they did 7734

  6. Carolus Rex, Christmas Truce, Dreadnought, Winged Hussars, Blood of Bannockburn, No Bullets Fly, Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Race to the sea, Soldier of Heaven, Unkillable soldier, Steel Commanders, Ghost in the trenches, To Hell and Back, Attero Dominatus, Fields of Verdun, Great War, Long Live the King, Night Witches, Resist and bite, In The Army Now, Shiroyama, Red Baron, Attack of the dead men, Ghost Division, Last stand, Primo Victoria and Bismarck.

  7. Christmas truce, no bullets fly, soldier of heaven, Bismarck, ghost division, stormtroopers, rorke's drift, lady of the dark, the unkillable soldier, inmate 4859, cliffs of Gallipoli, 40:1, 82nd all the way.

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