Starfire [Teen Titans] (anastaciaj)

  1. I had a weird reverse uncanny valley with the thumbnail here, it looked like she was like a creepy Real Doll not an actual girl in costume

  2. Anyone else think this is just really sad? She's trying so hard to whore herself out, but she's so scared of people finding out who she is and what she has to do to survive that she's covering her face with her hands as she shakes her tits for money.

  3. you’d probably have more success with bouncing your body if you were on a hard surface! your couch absorbs half the energy that would have gone into your boobs

  4. You can blame snitches for that. Usually when someone is willing to show their body but not their face it means that they're worried that someone in their life would be willing to cause them to lose their livelihood over it.

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