Which pack would you pop? Looking for more Rosin Making Friends. info in Comments

  1. I saw that 90 micron and was confused at first, but then thought about how they may be growing for specific head sizes like I’ve seen some hash breeders focus on more recently. That’s super sick, and yeah I’d be interested in seeing that play out for sure!!

  2. Thats awesome!! I vote for strawpaya or the orange and bananas. Sucha cool way to connect and avoid the toxic bullshit of ig (and reddit for that matter lol) good luck!

  3. Hell yea group pheno hunts are the best! Good luck to ya man. GMO Rootbeer x Rainbow Chip. But I’m a biased GMO fan haha. Bloom seed co breeds for washers so both of those strains wouldn’t be bad either

  4. GMO rotbeer x rainbow chip for sure, sounds fire. Awesome of you to put the effort into sharing information with others cheers and happy growing!

  5. Ironically dude... this was picked by a group member and fucking USPS literally drove over the package and not 1 seed was viable on delivery. Gotta send him a replacement this week. I think he's going with the Goji OG which I really want to see too.

  6. Bloom, Oni, and Masonic, great seed choices! I would run the 90 micron. Got some of all of their gear growing right now, Rainbow Guava, Tropsanto, and Dosido moonbow Wilson.

  7. Damn, that's a lineup! I realllllly want to get my hands on a Trop Santo cut 😉 Trop Cookies is a favorite of mine -you can probably tell by these selections, haha.

  8. I personally chose the Grape Cream Cake back cross so I agree! Oni and Bloom have been my favorite keepers yet.

  9. Strawpaya, 90 micron, or one of those Wilson crosses. I’ve heard Oni & Bloom are heavy washers, & have also heard that any Wilson cross dumps heads as well

  10. For sure, I got a sugar Cane cut at the moment so that will sit back in the library. Have you run mac crosses? I am told they don't do well and aren't worth it. Could be a different case with Sugar Cane added to it.

  11. Anything from Masonic or bloom are gonna be for sure hitters and get me most excited, got some seeds from both in the fridge.

  12. For sure, I have a Wilson limepop cross hunt finishing now alongside GMO BX1 from Covert Genetics. Hoping to run s bunch of Wilson ncrosses next year.

  13. That Masonic work is hit or miss really. Just massive pollen chucks. But thankfully he is upfront about that and prices accordingly. I just would say all of his work contains 'for sure hitters'

  14. I have that heavy duty fruit chocholate chunk x wilson as well, akbeanbrains has some dope old school genetics he keeps, I think I'll find myself getting more packs from him later on. Not sure that would be a very good hasher but a really interesting cross nontheless.

  15. Idk what this is in reference to? I wash and press my own live rosin. I do agree though, I appreciate the rosin I make a lot and so do my patients!

  16. Masonic, Bloom, and ONI all focus on hash/rosin strains so tbh anything from those three, I’d say pick whatever strain sounds best to you. I personally like the sound of 90 Micron

  17. Big bird, and Oranges and Bananas get my vote. I’m not familiar with Wilson so not sure what to make of those crosses. Big Bird should have some producers I suspect. Orange bananas may have some interesting flavors if the orange does not take over, and also produce.

  18. I really want to run bodhi. I had a failed attempt at popping snow Lotus but I'm gonna try again this winter.

  19. GMO•ROOTBEER X RAINBOW CHIP I'd love to see how that turns out I am GMO freak I swear there is something addictive about it and it's crosses that garlic love it so much. Good luck my dude and I love seeing shit like this. Hoping for my living situation and some other things to fall into place so I can grow and one day be doing something like this so awesome and very cool my dude.

  20. Fuck Masonic, besides making death threats and racists IG live rants - he literally tagged the FBI on a grower who made memes about him.

  21. Man, if I only grew weed strains from upstanding citizens, I would be missing out on half the awesome genetics out there. People are people and from my experience most of them are fucked up or fuck up in ways at times.

  22. That pure Compton sounds fire, I know pure Michigan had me giggly and shit lol. Never seen it in resin or rosin so it may not be a high yield squish :(

  23. Haven't ran it. I'm not a fan of Mac crosses, so I will probably end up giving that to a friend in the future.

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