Flower Rosin squishes: Alien OG & Banana MAC Cake

  1. Banana MAC Cake = three seperate strains in one squish (18% yield, 1.2g). MAC1 x Alien Banana Candy x Biscotti Cake

  2. I love seeing the rosin "badder" type consistency that comes out of some bud fresh off the press. Got alot of that out of my last home grown forbidden runtz run

  3. What type of curing? What did your process look like in regards to start to finish of cure ?

  4. I’ve seen people on here make sculptures and such out of rosin. Maybe we could get someone to roll up a hot dog with some reddish rosin and top it with some of this

  5. Yeah you should definitely try to keep as much mass together as you can, while removing the stem (or at least what might rip the bag). Try and keep your nugs whole. The larger/ denser the nug, the better the yield.

  6. This is fresh off the press. For this I just cold cure at room temp in a sealed container. Basically just let it sit sealed for 24 hrs. The next day the alien OG loses some of the bright yellow, becomes pale, and much lighter when it budders.

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