Anyone tried the strain Pink Lemonade? Debating scooping this fresh press, terp profile sounds cool but not sure about the effects, and I normally avoid sativa

  1. i had the same mindset as you till i got some good sativa hash rosin by accident and found out sativa will also put you on your ass lol lots have a good headband effect too

  2. lately i’ve been having really acute anxiety so i have to mind what strains i smoke, but normally a good sativa rosin dab put me on my ass! i’ll definitely pick this up once i’m feeling a bit better :)

  3. Sativa and indica is so washed out from years of crossbreeding strains, I don’t even judge by it anymore. I’ve had plenty of terpy “sativas” get me the same exact high as “indicas” and I’m a processor.

  4. I hear this a lot, but as a medical patient it can be hard to know how else to categorize effects. I don’t usually like strains that fall in the sativa category, and almost always enjoy ones classified as indica.

  5. pink lemonade is a tasty strain, i’ve only had live resin but it was amazing, tasted like real lemonade

  6. Go where your nose goes with the rosin. IMO, sativa leaning rosins are rare and you should scoop them when you see them to put in your headstash. Sativa leaning plants do not do well when being washed so there is normally a lower yield. Compared to a GMO which hits 6-8%, a sativa leaning strain at 2-3% means that rosin is 2-3x as valuable per gram.

  7. Dunno why I didn’t see this comment sooner but thank you so much for taking the time to write this out!! I had no idea that sativas were more difficult to make into rosin, but that makes sense since I rarely see them around, and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for them in the future. Honestly wish these 2g jars weren’t so expensive and then I’d feel better about trying out less familiar strains. In terms of classiciation of indica/sativa, do you think using terps to classify different strains is a better system?

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